424: My Cockpit Rebuilding #02 – Hold Short

Even though many of the new hardware I ordered, such as the MFG Crosswind Rudders, are arriving these days, the progress of my rebuilding, unfortunately, has come to a halt due to the waiting for the outside racks.

Out of expectation, the same happens to my new computer installation as well even on the software side.

Nevertheless, I can’t help getting a grin on my face as the performance of it right out of the box is already double of my existing computer as shown in the UserBenchmark comparison below.  It should get better after proper fine-tuning.
Fortunately, my regular “simulation” lives so far don’t get much disturbed while my room is getting messier.



2 thoughts on “424: My Cockpit Rebuilding #02 – Hold Short

  1. I’m really liking them performance scores Tom, you surely made some excellent choices!

    There was a time when I built my own PC’s. Running into roadblocks was common enough for me to go with a reputable company. I pay a little more (time is money) but I get so much more in return for going with Jetline.com who are a great group of PC/major cockpit builders for flight simulation. They treat customers with such great care and concern. I even recently got $1,000-$1,500 upgrades for free because they care that much about return customers. The last system that I bought was for my son in law (a flight simmer, inventor, and small business owner) and it would have been $4,500 but the owner of Jetline said because of my kindness to my son-in law, he chose to be kind by upgrading the processor and making the processor totally free as a gift to me! As crazy as this sounds, it is true. Also got a motherboard and power supply upgrade at no additional cost.

    As soon as P3D 64-bit comes out I will be getting my custom 5+ Ghz (stable) mother of all UFOs and it will be ready to go in about 6 days. I’m looking closely at VR as well so I’m not sure what monitor I will want to go with at this point, but I can rely on Jetline to care about me enough so I don’t waste money on things I don’t need, but spend it on the things that will matter.

    I commend you and all who dive deep into building your own machine, it is a very rewarding experience, but the snags and problems that are inevitable are not worth the money saved for me after reviewing this carefully for myself over the years. Plus I do my part in supporting a most excellent small business. :-)


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