422: Time to get Moving

I’ve been talking about rebuilding my home cockpit and a computer dedicated to flight simulation…er… for quite a long time.   I really get moving now.

Followings are some of the gears I already purchased for the new cockpit. And in
general, it will be somewhat resemblance to what the guy ON THE GLIDESLOPE (OTG) does — a 3-monitor setup, one in the front and two on both sides.

But I am planning to use one 55-inch 4K TV for the front and two 43-inch 4K TVs for the two sides, instead of a short-throw project and two computer monitors like the OTG guy uses.

One reason is that the price for a reasonably good 4K TV is not that expensive now.  Second, the placement and set up of them should be easier.   Lastly, TVs are less demanding on the graphics hardware, not to mention the a lot more realistic feel that the big screens will bring, comparing to the three 27-inch monitors I am using now.

The remaining computer hardware I am about to get are as follows:

  • CPU: Intel i7-6850K
  • Motherboard: Asus X99 Deluxe-II
  • RAM: 32GB (4x8GB) 3200MHz (from Corsair or G-Skill)
  • Power Supply: Corsair AX1200i or Antec 1300W or Seasonic 1200W

I know many people may think above components an overkill.   However, in considering the 64-bit Prepar3D rumored to come soon, I’d rather invest a little bit more right from the beginning than come back to the issue again later.  Furthermore, the system will be my main rig for the next three years at least.

Two things I need advises:

  1. Will the 6900K be a better choice than the 6850K ?
  2. Does any of you have problems with the Corsair AXi power supply?

There are many articles on the Internet saying that the FSX performance depends on the CPU cock speed than the number of cores.

It may be true with some reasons.   But Prepar3D is now my main platform and it is very likely going to 64-bit soon.   I doubt the scenario remains the same.

Moreover, I am not only running the software on a single screen.   The three monitors, the extra hardware, etc, etc, are all counted in the calculation.

Regarding the Corsair AX1200i, I really like its “Corsair link” feature.   But many people reported that the power supply isn’t reliable.  Your comments, if any, are welcome.

More posts on my cockpit rebuild will come.   Stay tuned.




6 thoughts on “422: Time to get Moving

  1. ..nice set up, however we all know & aware that new HW got the tendency to depreciate very fast … FSX-SE is an old behemoth single core oriented, IMHO it will do better with less cores but faster CPU clock, for P3D, well this is a face lifted FSX, I ‘personally, would wait when LM will show up with 64bit version and wait to see “where the wind is blowing” before major upgrade….. XP got some advantages due to the fact that it is 64bit …… 3x 4K monitors I think they will chew on your GPU ..

    Good luck and much joy with the Cockpit


  2. Thanks Tom, let us know what you go ahead with, not sure I’d actually consider a PSU 10 year warranty a bonus though? That’s a long time for a bit of hardware (even a company) to last and something newer surely will be along sooner before 10 years are up to make you want to upgrade, even if its only for efficiency or maybe new standards we don’t know about yet? But fair play, just choose carefully on the PSU please :)

    A good proven reliable PSU that can deliver clean power efficiently and constantly and reliably really is an asset and give lots of piece of mind.

    I think those Slaw RX Viper rudder pedals are about £450, yes expensive, but built to last by looks of it, also, kinda love the engineering on display there and the adjust-ability built in, even seen these pedals used with a damper, but not sure if that’s needed?

    Tom, one thing that worries me about these type of pedals with exposed mechanism is keeping them clean, if and when I buy them I’m going to try seek or make a cover to put over them for when not in use, even my enclosed mechanism Saitek rudder pedals need cleaned ever other day because they are at ground level and also my Cat gets amongst them and he sheds his fur even in winter … will get worse again in summer!

    PS: Tom, when I wrote in first post, TM Cougar, meant TM Warthog … I still have my TM Cougar though, even my Saitek Pro Flight X-65F that’s out of production forever now I think? It was fun to try this one when I first got it, kind of like a real F-16 side-stick that does not really move, just senses the pressure used on it … I’ll try it again soon then probably put it on Ebay and use the funds towards my new rudder pedals :)


    1. Hi Colin,
      Surely will. Corsair is still a reputable company. 10-year warranty, I guess, should be fine. But yes, will further consider it. Also Seasonic and Antec are still on my list.
      Good idea on covering the rudders. I only clean it once or twice a month. Putting a cloth over it should do the trick I guess.
      Actually I like more the pedal style on Saitek or Slaw RX Viper. They allow you to put your feet on the ground easier. The developer of MFG Rudder said that he might develop an optional accessory of this style in the future. I wish he would.


  3. Hi Tom

    Great choice of components there, not entirely up to speed on the 6850k vs 6900k CPU’s apart from knowing the former is six core and the latter eight core with the 6850k being 400MHz faster at stock speed and cheaper too. I owned an I7 5960X eight core that died (must get round to trying a warranty replacement while i still can) and never really noticed any performance gain core wise in FSX and FSX Steam, still never really switched to P3D though I will when the 64 bit version is released. bought an I7 5820k to replace the 5960X in the short term, this is a six core CPU and is my every day computing machine now, you really do notice extra cores over four in multitasking windows work, you can do so much more, in FSX other flight sims and games I can honestly say hand on heart no noticeable difference over four cores, so for my gaming PC I have an I7 6700k @ 4.6GHz and my flight sim PC is an I7 7700k @ 4.8 GHz, rock solid overclocks and the extra CPU speed is sure appreciated in FSX and high end games like ARMA 3 that are CPU speed dependant.

    I’m sure you are aware of AMD’s new high end CPU’s but traditionally FSX/P3D perform better with Intel, so I’d stick with Intel, good to see AMD back with a bang though as that helps Intel keep prices in check a little :) Competition is a good thing.

    Be interesting to see what you choose :)

    As regards monitor, never really been a multi screen guy, own a Dell 34″ super wide curved 3440 x 1400 monitor, its a joy to use., again a personal choice, we all have different needs and preferences, your proposal sounds perfect for what you want to do.

    Own a Titan X Maxwell and a Titan X Pascal here, bought the TitanXP in December ish after giving up waiting for a Ti to arrive, had it been on the market when I bought my XP I’d have went Ti easily though, great choice on that card my friend.

    PSU wise, I’d do some solid research, used to be a big fan of Corsair PSU’s, I know Seasonic actually made some of them and Corsair just re-badged them but not up to speed on what are the best Corsair models these days? its forever changing whi is best in this area, using Seasonic and a Superflower 1000W PSU here, silly name I know, LOL, but its a very highly regarded PSU … PSU’s really are very important, along with a good case they make a solid foundation for future upgrades, many PSU’s have a 5 year warranty, so something that can last two builds easily and maybe 3 depending on how often you upgrade, quality is paramount as a poor quality PSU if it blows can take out PC components as I’m sure you are aware. I’d do lots of research here as there is no easy answer and what might have been a best brand one year may not be the next year. Perhaps when you look at PSU’s consider warranty length and the actual company’s warranty reputation in case you are unlucky enough to need it.

    Those rudder pedals look good and are well reviewed, using Saitek original and a pair of their Combat pedals too here at the moment, both centre detent removed, am planning new pedals this year and have my eye on the Slaw ones from Poland, budgeting for them in the summer when it will be my birthday, after that might consider a new yoke too, currently using a Saitek Cessna yoke here along with TM Cougar HOTAS I actually use most.

    Enjoy the build Tom, look forward to seeing you complete it and first reports.


    1. Thanks Colin for the detailed reply.
      Your thoughts on the PSU is good. Corsair provides 10 years warranty, which is good whatsoever.
      The rx viper rudder looks very good too but it is very very expensive.


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