Misc: Nothing about Flight Simulation

I am a music lover since my very young age and had become an audiophile when I could afford to get some decent high-fidelity (hifi) equipment about 20 years ago.   This hasn’t changed much even after flightsimming has gained the number one position on top of my limited pastimes.

Do we audiophiles live for music or gear?  It’s a classic question and my answer is a definite both.

Whether you’re an audiophile and whether you agree with me or not, here’s a great BBC archive film produced in 1959 on this subject a friend sent to me a few days ago.  Absolutely worth a watch.



2 thoughts on “Misc: Nothing about Flight Simulation

  1. Hi Tom,
    A simple ‘me too’. Between 1975 and 1995 I pursued music from both sound quality and hence, gear to get that sound. Mind you, I think, sound quality is somewhat an individual taste.
    I still have and use the gear I finally ended up with (after multiple upgrades) to listen to music and get the better sound out of movies. I ended up with two systems – one for each.
    My ‘top’ hobby changed from music to something else between 1995 and 2015.
    I know music will always be there in sone way even while other interests may change over time.
    Just my personal two bits.

    Gulam Harji, P.Eng.,MBA


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