News: An Amazing P-51D Cockpit Build

Received a post comment from Ed Gilbert (aka Raceguy) about his P-51D cockpit that he has been working on for the last two years.   He said that the project is about to complete sometime this week.   I can’t help to say “wow!”
Here’s one of the pictures he posted on the A2A Forum originally.  I have sought his permission to include the photos in the Cockpit Section as well.

Frankly, whenever I look at the cockpit pictures from all FSX Times friends who shared with us here, I always feel the excitement and am deeply touched by the time, the effort, and the sweat (probably blood as well) they put onto our common passions with flight simulation.

Thank you Raceguy.  Thank you all.

BTW, there was another friend who recently sent me his cockpit photos to put onto the Cockpit section too.   Sadly I lost the email as well as my memory of who sent me the photos.  My apologies.

Last Feedback from Ed:
Your comment about sweat and blood is really accurate today.  I am working on the last few control setups and they are driving me crazy!   Oh well, my wife told me I could retire early IF I found something to keep me busy.  I have met and exceeded that goal the last two years.





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