417: Titan Xp has Arrived

Just about to place my order for the Nvidia GTX 1080Ti and found the Titan Xp has arrived.

Although the company claims the card using the new groundbreaking Pascal architecture is now the most powerful graphics card for gaming and VR on the market and can deliver up to 3x the performance of previous-generations, the $1,200 price-tag (wow, nearly double of the GTX 1080Ti) is way too much for most people, including me of course, to afford.

Moreover, the card is only available in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico regions from Nvidia directly for the moment. 

Some good comments below.


4 thoughts on “417: Titan Xp has Arrived

  1. Nice spec Tom, actually answered the bench test topic just after answering this topic with my current PC specs … I7 6850 is a great choice by the way, enjoy and your GTX1080Ti too … have the Asus X99 Deluxe first revision, was not happy with it at first and changed to MSI, but using it again at latest BIOS and it seems fine with my I75820K.


  2. Hi Tom,

    Titan XPascal has been out in Europe for some time, bought mine in October/November 2016 I think it was and it was out then a bit earlier for sure, I was exactly £1199 for mine inc delivery, the Brexit scare had just happened and I could have had it for £1099 if I was a bit faster … still crazy money for a GPU for sure, but only did it because of a lucky windfall … that and the “we only live once” thought process I used :)

    My intention was to wait for the inevitable and now confirmed and for sale GTX1080Ti, but had the money burning a hole in my pocket and bought the Titan XP, the GTX1080Ti is slightly faster in one area I think, but nothing in it bar price, anyone buying now should go for a GTX1080Ti over a Titan XPascal for sure … apparently if you go hard core water cooling then the TitanXP can be pushed harder, but few do that and I certainly do not, stock cooling for my graphic cards here.

    Heady days here though, have three nice performance computers at home now, current top dog has the Titan XP, next one down has a Titan XMaxwell (still a blindingly fast card) and third has a factory overclocked GTX980.

    I really do not want to upgrade again this year :)


    1. Lucky you, Colin.
      I am glad to hear the advice from you so that I don’t have to hesitate to get my 1080Ti. BTW, which CPU and MB are you using? Pardon me if you have told me before.
      I am going to build a FS dedicated machine with ASUS X99 Deluxe-2 and the i7-6850.


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