412: GTX 1080 Ti is Here

Nvidia has just announced the official release of the GTX 1080 Ti.  With a relatively gtx1080ti_resizeaffordable price, the card even has some features better than the company’s flagship Nvidia Titan X.

Although I said in last May that I would not replace my 18-months old GTX 980 Titan X for the GTX 1080, this Ti one is definitely the card I’ve been waiting for.   Aren’t you?

6 thoughts on “412: GTX 1080 Ti is Here

  1. I think its better to wait for LM to first provide a 64 bit platform, then I will upgrade my hardware. Most of us have to “lower the sliders” to keep from VAS OOM anyway. So I see no point investing on hardware when its essentially overkill for FSX/P3D. If one has XP11 or other games then its possibly worth it.


    1. You’ve got your point, Paul. But until when the P3D 64 bit platform is out, we may be talking about GTX 1081,82 or 83Ti already. Who knows? Haha.

      XP11 definitely benefits from it too, you are right.


  2. Hi Tom

    I was waiting for the 1080Ti, its been rumoured for a while but caved in and bought a Titan X Pascal late last year, still have my Titan X Maxwell too in my second PC so don’t intend to do any more graphic card buying this year :)

    Maybe I should have waited for the Ti, but it was nothing but rumours for a while and nothing concrete until now, also I’ve been enjoying my Titan XP for a good 4 months + now so cant complain.

    Enjoy your 1080 Ti when you get it, looks a great card.


    1. No doubt the Titan X Pascal is still the one card that rules the others all.
      I’ll look for the ASUS brand. But not sure how soon I can get it since the first 2 shipments are likely grabbed by those who are close to the PC stores.


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