408: Mooney Bravo Gauges Released

Over the last 10 months, I’ve put more time on making gauges for FIPs than flying in the virtual world, as I am excited to see them evolving from some original basic attempts into current skillful works.   A rather unexpected alternative satisfaction I never thought would have gained from flight simulation.

mooneybravo_eng1_gifsThe latest project I just finished is the Mooney Bravo, which consists of two integrated Engine gauges plus the ASI, HSI and TCR.   Some new techniques have been used in this gauge set, such as a selectable DME 1 & 2 display, and the stepping-style elevator, rudder and wing flaps indicators.

Together with the already released ATT, ALT, VSI from the default Baron B58; and ADF and VOR2 from the C172SP, I am proud to say that they form a “bravo” compo for the aircraft.
mooneybravo_z_bundlesAnyone interested in the gauge set could visit my store or click on the images above for more information.

It may be true that the Mooney Bravo is not as hot as the Cessna 172, but it is still fun to fly with, both in the real and simulation worlds.

BTW, I am now working with the developer of SPAD.neXt regarding “playability” of my gauges in X-Plane.   Fixes are on the way and the target of full compatibility shouldn’t be too far in the future.  In addition, customized X-Plane gauges should come along as well.

Lastly, today is the seventh day of the first lunar month.   According to the Chinese tradition, it is the day of man, which figuratively means a birthday of all mankind.

So, Happy Birthday and wish us all have a prosperous and healthy 2017 and year of the rooster!



4 thoughts on “408: Mooney Bravo Gauges Released

  1. The 172 is just the workhorse and used all over the world in flying schools. The Mooney is a complex aircraft which due its aerodynamical design is very fuel efficient and fast but still easy to fly. If I could choose, I would always go with the Mooney. Someday I might buy one… until then I am looking forward on getting it set up on the sim. Great work Tom!


  2. This is good news for the X-Plane flyers. You will next need to look into Aerofly FS 2. I predict it will be the number one choice in the near future.



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