406: Saitek Driver Toggler

As mentioned in my Post 380 back in mid-September last year, I was working on a utility that would allow the toggling of the ON/OFF status of the Saitek Driver because SPAD.neXt requires the Saitek Driver to be removed (or unloaded) from the system in order to run properly.

Here it comes at last and I call the utility “SToggler” (abbr for fsx_times_saitektogglerSaitek Driver Toggler“).  Edit: The utility has been updated and renamed as FIP Driver Toggler.   It is compatible with either Saitek or Logitech FIP drivers now.

The utility was designed to serve my needs to keep both Saitek and SPAD.neXt drivers on my system and at the same time could be selectively used when either of them was called up without interfering the other.

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Cockpit: Ben Weaver (KBJC, USA)

Ben Weaver in Colorado recently sent me his cockpit photos as follows.   His idea of using a piece cloth to build up a temporary cockpit enclosure is brilliant and effective.   You will also find a video link that showcases his cockpit build at the end of the post.

Builder: Ben Weaver
Location: Colorado, USA
ICAO: KBJC, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport

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