396: Carenado CT210M Gauges Released

Finally, the CT210M Gauges have caught up with my plan and now ready.
There are 10 gauges in the set so far.   Although some of them look similar to the gauges on the other Carenado aircraft, they have been “tuned” for the CT210M specifically.ct210m_eng_r1c2_resize

With the Integrated Engine Gauges, all instrument on the aircraft are nearly covered.

HOWEVER, do note that the HSI (horizontal situation indicator) is NOT INCLUDED in this CT210M gauge set as it is the same one being used on the A36.   In addition, the second Attitude Indicator and Altimeter on the CT210M are yet to develop, too.

The new gauges run perfectly under the Saitek driver.   They work equally well with SPAD.neXt as well.

Anyone interested in this CT210M FIP gauges could click on the image above for more information.   And if you are already users of my other bundle gauges, feel free to contact me for discount via email directly.



4 thoughts on “396: Carenado CT210M Gauges Released

  1. Tom!

    Just flew around a couple hours after installing your CT210M gauges. I’ve got 12 FIPS so I had them all up and running. They all worked flawlessly. Your the GAUGE GURU lol! Since you don’t have a backup altimeter yet, I just displayed your primary altimeter twice.

    Let me know when you make the altimeter backup, I want it!

    Thanks Jack


    1. Hi Dave
      I already made 14 different sets of gauges — still not “lots” ? ;)
      Will complete the A2A P28 turn coordinator and Engine gauges. Also updating my B58, Carenado B58 and A36 gauges. + CT206H and some default, such as Mooney, etc.


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