389: A2A PA28 Gauges Released

My initial plan was to complete the Carenado CT210M gauges first.   But again, plans never catch up with changes.   Here is the A2A PA28 Cherokee Set.

Although consisting only four gauges for the moment, they, together with the earlier released A2A Cessna gauges, already a2a_pa28_gaugessform a near complete PA28 cockpit and are fully playable.

The aircraft’s Attitude Indicator, Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator, VOR1, VOR2 are virtually identical (well, some with some minor differences) to those on the A2A Cessna cockpits.

The only gauge that is unique to the PA28 is the S-TEC 30 Turn Coordinator with Autopilot function.   It is being developed.   But due to its complexity, it might take a longer while before it is available.pa28_s-tec_30_resize

In addition, possibly an Integrated Engine Gauges incorporating Fuel Quantity, Fuel Pressure, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure will be added to the set.

Anyway, with the company’s C172R or C182T Turn Coordinator, flight simmers can now enjoy the fun of the aircraft in an FIP virtual cockpit.

Anyone who is interested in this A2A PA28 Gauge Set could click here or the image above for more information.

Do note again that similar to the A2A’s C172R & C182T,  SPAD.neXt is required in order to run these PA28 gauges properly on the FIP.

For those who are waiting for the Cessna CT210M gauges, they should come next, if plans catch up.




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