377: A2A C172R & C182T NAV Gauges Released

Just completed the testing of the FIP navigation gauges for the A2A Simulations’ C172R and C182T.

Anyone interested in this A2A Cessna Gauge Set could click here or the image above for more information.

Current users of my C172SP gauges could contact me directly and inform me their requirements, either in bundle or individually, for discounts.

Will start working on the engine instrument for both aircrafts in earliest possible.   It may take a month or two before they are ready, however.

Again, SPAD.neXt is required to run these gauges properly.



10 thoughts on “377: A2A C172R & C182T NAV Gauges Released

  1. Hi Tom,

    I’m excited by this news! I will be purchasing all the gauges for both A2A Cessnas. I have three questions concerning the additional gauges you are currently working on for these planes: 1) Is the integrated Manifold Pressure/Fuel Flow gauge one of the gauges you will be working on? 2) Would you consider making the Davtron multifunction digital clock/O.A.T./Volts gauge? 3) Would you be willing to make the Manifold Pressure/Fuel Flow, Fuel Quantity, EGT/CHT, Oil Temperature/Pressure, Vacuum/Amp, and Davtron gauges each available as full-sized gauges? I have trouble reading the smaller 4-in-1 integrated gauge with my “old” eyes and have plenty of FIPs to utilize (20 total).

    Thanks for your consideration and for the making best FIP gauges available!



      1. Hi Tom,

        I purchased your C172 Speed and RPM gauges.

        What discount do I get for the purchase of a Speed and RPM gauge for both the A2A 172R and 182??



  2. One other question were did you get your LEDs and where did you get those clight controllers ! What are the name brand and model numbers of those items ! Thanks !


  3. Hello I have watched a lot of your videos ! What is the name brand and model of your close up projector and the screen ? What was your cost ? And if you haven’t listed all your software and equipment please do ! I think you do a very fine job with your videos ! Thanks for all you do for desktop flight simulation !


  4. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Hi Tom, Has there been any demand for Piper Archer or Arrow gauges? I fly an Archer in real life and simulate IMC in the Archer on my FSX Sim using your C172 gauges. They work great, but just wondering. ThanksBrian

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