376: A2A C172R & C182T Gauges Released

The summer break is over even though the heat is still lingering.   Actually, since early August, I’ve started working on the FIP Gauges for the A2A Simulations’ C172R and C182T, which have been frequently requested for quite some time.

And finally, here it is the first batch containing the seven main gauges:

Although these gauges look similar to the C172SP ones, they were virtually reworked from scratch for finer details to better match the design on the C172R and C182T.

Coding of them, of course, have been rewritten accordingly in order to fully support the aircrafts’ local variables (LVars) features via SPAD.neXt, a third-party replacement driver for Saitek Proflight Simulation equipment.

Except the Airspeed Indicator, the RPM Indicator and some of the Engine instrument, the remaining gauges on both the C172R and C182T are identical.   Well, almost, the Turn Coordinator does react a little differently from each other.

The navigation instrument (ADF, VOR1 and VOR2) is being tested and should be ready sometime next week.

The remaining engine gauges, since a little more complicated to implement, will probably need another month or so.

Anyone who is interested in this A2A Cessna Gauge Set could click here or the image above for pricing information.

Current users of my C172SP gauges could contact me directly and inform me their requirements, either in bundle or individually, for discounts.

At least 40% OFF from the list price will be given, in which the calculated percentage will be based on the number of gauges and the same kind of gauges one purchased before.

Again, SPAD.neXt is required in order to run these C172R and C182T gauges properly.



8 thoughts on “376: A2A C172R & C182T Gauges Released

  1. I am interested in purchasing the complete A2A package.
    1) What is the cost?
    2) I would like to first read the documentation on how to install the gauges as I am not a programmer! LOL

    (I also own the RealAir Turbine Duke but we will start with the A2A)

    Thank you


  2. Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your reply..

    It was for 4 gauges Air speed and RPM for 172 and 182…

    Let me know how much and I will pay straight away..

    PS Are you doing the fuel/Temps?Oil pressure etc for A2A ??


    1. Hi Tom,

      I am interested in your other gauges…One question.

      Carenado 152 Fuel/Oil temp etc gauges…are they able to all go onto 1 FIP ??



  3. Oh my gosh, Tom!
    You have impeccable timing!.. I too have been off my system for 3 or 4 months, originally because of hardware failure, then because of just being to busy to mess with it. This weekend I was planning to get everything back up and running. And wanted to try spad.next and the lvars. What a coincidence that you’ve completed the gauge sets today! Do you have instructions on getting set up? I will be purchasing your 172 set later today.


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