374: GaugeSwitcher 7a Update

The GaugeSwitcher utility, which allows the quickly switching among different gauge setups without quitting the simulator, has been updated to version 7a.

One of the major enhancements to the version is: the pressing of [Esc] key before profile switching in previous versions is no longer required.

As the video shown above, users just need to:

  • Call up the GaugeSwitcher during a flight session
  • Select the Gauge Profile to switch
  • Press [Confirm], the selected gauges will be activated immediately.

Other new features and changes coming with the new version are:

NO more GaugeCreator.exe.  Its profile creation function has been integrated into the new GaugeSwitcher.exe.

The new version when started will display the current active Gauges being used.

GaugeSwitcher7a_2Unwanted profiles can be removed via the new Delete function.   Users can make use of the ADD and DELETE features to manage their desired Profile setups.


Similar to the last version, existing GaugeSwitcher users who are interested in the new update could contact me for the download link by email or Comment section below.




24 thoughts on “374: GaugeSwitcher 7a Update

  1. Dear Tom
    Just what I have been desperately seeking now that I have 4 FIPs. Could I please have a copy of your GaugeSwitcher

    frank darbyshire


  2. Hi Tom. I’m still using the original Gauge Switcher and Gauge Creator programs. I would love to get the download link for the new version.


  3. Hi Tom,

    Could you send me a download link for GaugeSwitcher for fsx please? I just got my Saitek Instrument Panels and I’m excited to use your awesome gauges. I mostly fly a C172 and Real Air Turbine Duke, does it include gauge sets for these? Thank you!!


      1. Hello,

        Do I need to subscribe to this site or make a donation or purchase to obtain a download link for the GaugeSwitcher utility? It looks fantastic!



      2. Thank you for the reply Tom and my apologies for multiple comments. I was confused on how and where to get the gauges. I may only be able to afford a few at a time, will I still need the utility for that or do they install one by one? I will be ordering at least 3 gauges ASAP and I see it says to ask about discounts for that, how does that work?

        Thank you! Ben

        Sent from my iPhone


      3. Hi Ben,
        No problem. I will give you the GaugeSwitcher as well. 10% discount will be offered from 3 gauges to fresh buyer. The more you order, the more discount will be. Already users will get extra discount, depending on what they have already.


      4. Hi Tom,

        I just filled my cart with 4 turbine duke gauges and ready to check out. Wanted to do the bundle but these 4 will have to do until next payday haha. When I’m ready for the rest should I buy them individually?

        Thanks, Ben

        Sent from my iPhone


      5. Thanks Ben,
        Once again, have you read my Post 362 regarding the Engine Gauge #2 for the Turbine? I bet you are using Saitek driver and one more reminder to you.
        Regarding the others, let me know and I’ll give you discount accordingly.


  4. Hi Tom,

    The new features are looking cool !

    Would it be possible to obtain the download link?

    Best regards,

    Roger Bollen



    1. Worked well, thanks for the file. Can you please send me a fresh link to my purchased C172 gauges? I have your email with the original links but they no longer work.–lesson learned, I should have downloaded the files and stored them on my external drive rather than rely on your email for reinstallation. thank you.


  5. Hi Tom, Is the gauge switcher original and now the update just for FSX? If not, are these versions compatible with x-plane? What would be the cost to purchase the whole software, including the latest upgrade? Thx,

    Gulam Harji, P.Eng.,MBA General Manager Industrial Packaging Group (IPG) Hood Packaging Corporation


    1. Hi Gulam,
      The GaugeSwitcher is designed for FSX and P3D only. It’s free to all users who purchased my bundle gauges. You are on the list and I sent you the older version before.
      Let me know if you want this update. If so, I’ll send it over.


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