369: Aerofly is Good but Be Careful

Recently purchased the Aerofly FS 2 on Steam.   It is amazing in graphic rendition and outstanding in aero-dynamic and physic performance.

AeroflyFS2On the good side, it proves itself to be one of the directions where the future flight simulator should be heading.  On the bad side, unfortunately, there is still a big room for improvements before it can turn itself from a niche product to a real competitor to FSX, Prepar3D or X-Plane.

Even worst, my GTX Titan card was burnt after running the software for about 30 minutes.  Now I need to send it for repair.   And that’s why my comments on the product is so brief.

Although exploration in most cases might associate with uncertainties, such kind of danger while trying a new software is something I never thought of would have encountered.

No doubt I am not alone after Googling on the Internet even though the degree of damage is different.

Don’t want to sound negative to such a promising Kickstarter project.  It’s a great product.  But really, be careful for the moment (or at least pay extra attention to its configuration and setting) although your mileage may vary.


8 thoughts on “369: Aerofly is Good but Be Careful

  1. Tom, I had a bad experience with Nvidia cards when a faulty driver stopped the fan and the card got damaged during the game with heavy graphics. So now I always install the software to control the fan speed based on the temperature readings.


  2. Scary to read that Tom, have bought AeroflyFS2 on Steam too and own a Titan X as well, not tried more than about 30 minutes in AeroflyFS2 though, bought it for future use really and for when it matures. Once I fire up my sim PC though I’ll check GPU temp monitoring software just in case, my card is an EVGA Titan X and they have a good warranty reputation … but still, very concerning, hope you get a replacement card soon.


    1. Hi Colin,
      My post doesn’t mean to scare anyone. Just make sure you are careful about the temperature response in your computer will be good. From the developer, the Vsync setting seems to be a critical one and should be turned on if possible.
      I can’t try it now until my card is back.
      When it is back, surely will give a try again. Probably I will have my computer’s side panel open just to play safe. ;)


  3. Thanks so much Tom for supporting AeroflyFS2 with an ad. And a special thanks to Ulrich for being one of the first one to jump on the AeroflyFS2 train. Missing my Saitek gear is one of the worst issues I have, at present.

    I’ve been flying AeroflyFS2 certainly longer than for 30 min (I think my maximum was around 1 h) but never had any issues with my EVGA GTX 970. It runs high (say loud :-) but didn’t complain so far. Isn’t there any warning or other mechanism ringing a bell before a card is burnt? You sure can overclock it and switch warnings off etc., but shouldn’t any “normal” card have some sort of safety mechanisms? Just curious (and, well, who knows, it might just bite me tomorrow as well).


    1. The developer said that their software couldn’t burn my card. I replied that I simply stated a fact I had experienced. Even so, no hard feeling on it at all.
      Well, probably the not too longer ago “Misfortune Cloud” still haunts me.
      Surely the scenery in Aerofly should get big improvements first. By that time, imagine Aerofly in VR…that thrills me.


  4. No Problems with FS2 and my Black Titan for me. It get’s hot yes, since FS2 puts a lot of load on it, but thanks to water cooling,all is fine.
    Side Note: SPAD.neXt will support AeroFly FS2 with upcoming update (0.9.3)


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