363: R22 Robinson Gauge Released

The R22 Robinson Gauge Set for the Saitek FIP is finally completed.   It was requested by some helicopter fans many months ago.   Equipment in the R22 cockpit, from compass to flight instrument, and from clock and warning lights to engine gauges, have all been integrated into this 9-FIP gauge set.

Click Me to See Full Size
Click to See Full Size Image

Similar to my other works, many of the gauges in this instrument set come with both clean and extended versions.   Users can freely mix and match them to cater for their special needs and purposes.

Compass comes free with the Bundle

Anyone interested in this R22 gauge set could click here for details.   Existing users of my other BUNDLE gauges could contact me directly for discount.

Note that although orders will be handled as soon as possible, it might take up to 48 hours upon order received due to time zone differences.

4 thoughts on “363: R22 Robinson Gauge Released

  1. Yeah,

    I thought about that too. You can’t really do anything about the brass insert nuts on the top, however the bottoms could be slotted. But I wouldn’t try to free hand it, I’d do it on a drill press with a template. Saitek could even offer redesigned FIP holders but they won’t.


    1. Well, with no brass insert nuts, you can use some nuts to secure the bolts. That serves the same purpose and what I am doing now.
      Surely a drill press helps ensure the accuracy and minimize the potential of damaging the back holder.


  2. Tom,

    Once again nice gauge set.

    Unfortunately, Saitek made a bad engineering move with the mounting hole location so they can’t be stagger mounted like your picture. If only the two holes were placed slightly further apart (not to mention the mounting holes on the yokes too). I guess the Saitek engineers never had Legos :)


    1. Legos…hahaha…very Well said Jack.
      Actually, it is still possible to drill some holes on the back holders of the FIPs so as to stack the FIPs like the R22.


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