362: Duke Turbine Engine Gauges Released

The Moritz Digital Engine Gauges for the Duke Turbine V2 are now ready, RASDukeT_ENG_JPGwhich completes the two RAS Duke gauge sets released earlier in March.

This engine set consists of six gauges in pair format, including the Torque (TRQ), ITT Temperature, NG %RPM, Prop RPM, Fuel Flow and Fuel Pressure.

One known issue — small deviations sometimes appear on the NG %RPM and Prop RPM gauges due to the two gauges using local variables (Lvars), which the Saitek FIP driver doesn’t support.  It’s more prominent when the aircraft is on the ground, and less significant in the air.
Nevertheless, various workaround codings have been implemented to minimize incompatibility derived from the Saitek drivers. Continue reading