News: Prepar3D v3.3 is Here

Similar to the last two cases in which I needed to have my system fully reinstalled many months ago, Lockheed Martin released another update of its Prepar3D after I have everything restored.   The Prepar3D v3.3 is here, just in case you are not aware of it.

Don’t tell me there’s a psychic connection between my system crash to the launch of its update.  ;)

2 thoughts on “News: Prepar3D v3.3 is Here

  1.  Hello Ypm,   I purchased the new WX Radar from REX MILVIZ as I couldn’t wait any longer…. This was something I had been waiting for for years! I installed it in P3D V2.5, FSX Sp2 and P3D V3.2 but was very disapointed when I only got a black screen instead of the Radar. Worse the offered update only made my P3D V3 crash. I worked with the developpers to find a fix and after installing all Sinconnect versions available, CC+ Visual 2008 with no changes noted they send me a new MVWX.dll to be put into the gauges folder. After another crash I started to do more testing on my own starting without the dll installed, with it installed, without the radar in the plane and found that the dll and the radar where the cause of the crash. Removing it solved the problem. After I told them the results of my tests they came back and suggested this time I start the sim with the default plane with no radar as I had done, then load the plane with the radar and…. BINGO it worked. The radar works very well but you must have stormy or dense coulds with rain for it to see anything just like real radars. The only bug of course is that I can’t load my deafault aircraft with the radar in it to start the sim but they are working on that. It would seem that others have many problems too and that they are a little overwhelmed but the fact is that they did it and that the radar is for real. Another annoying thing is that the radar bezel can’t be removed, nor can the knobs and as is quite bulky and ugly it takes up a big portion of the screen. I didn’t see any commands for this in FSUIPC either. I ned this as a stand alone but that is not available yet but I want to try to use Wideview to trick the Radar to think it is running on the server instead of on a client. With Wideview installed all weather data is automatically transferred to the client. Ther the WX radar will hook onto the dat through P3D on the client. In theory it should work. I ‘ll give it a try in the coming days. Setting the sim to its minums should make some space fot the radar. AsI need an exterior spotter screen anyway i maight use this PC to also run my radar, provided the trick works!   Have you written anything on the radar yet? didn’t see it.   Cheers.   Erik  


    1. Hi Erik,
      I don’t have the weather radar so really nothing I can comment on your case. Your situation should give some insight to those who are interested in the Radar, however.


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