359: The Cause of My PC’s Death

Although there are still some fine-tunings to do, my computer is in general up and running again after a few days’ reinstallation and updating.

Over the rehabilitation process, I had a chance to tidy up my system a bit and get rid of many useless stuffs from my SSDs.   I guess it is one of the good things I get from the broken computer.

Like many others, I have Multicore Next and P3D Fiber Accelerator from FSPS (Flight Simulator Platform Solutions), which I occasionally use for testings and other purposes.  During a recent search for updates on the company website, I found a freeware called “Dolby Cockpit Sounds FSX”, which “sounds” nice even only from its name.

Without thinking too much, I downloaded and installed it.   At the end of the FSPS_DolbyCockpitSoundsXinstallation, it asked for a reboot.

Everything seemed normal up to this moment.   I didn’t know that it was the beginning of the tragic death of my computer.

From my previous experience, as long as the crash of a computer isn’t caused by malfunctioning hardware, there are many ways to restore it, especially I have a couple of healthy backup images on hand.

Totally out of control, none of my known methods were of any help to fix the crash.   My computer just rebooted and rebooted endlessly.   After struggling for nearly a day, I had no choice but to reinstall the Windows and everything on the system drive again.

Is the freeware the culprit of my PC’s death?

I can’t make that judgement beyond reasonable doubt.   And I have no intention to blame it in any way.   But it was really the case I just encountered.

So, if you come across the freeware somewhere, somehow, and you think the freebie is interesting, you are the one to make the call.



4 thoughts on “359: The Cause of My PC’s Death

  1. That is such good advice Tom I think we call say we have fallen foud of a freebie download one time or another


    1. It found it strange too. My windows briefly started and then error message popped up telling me there are errors to fix. Then it rebooted. Same thing happened over and over.


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