356: My Cockpit Got Aligned

I have a spare FIP sitting around for quite some times, which is only used occasionally for various testings via my network computer.   Yesterday, I decided to throw in the underused FIP to the system to see how it effects.
Actually, the main reason for me not including the spare FIP to my system in the past was because the “6 FIPs + 1 Radio Panel across the top roll” and “1 Switch Panel + 3 FIPs + 1 Multi Panel” on the bottom constituted a pretty symmetric appearance in my 2-stack instrument setup already.   And I’ve been using this setup for a very long time.

Unfortunately, my seating position is more and more noticeably offsetting to the right when more gauges are added to the setting.  I was hoping that the new inclusion would have some help to the situation.

Surprisingly, the result is far more than satisfactory.   My seating position, the control yoke and the virtual cockpit are now pretty much aligned together.  Cockpit-Centered-06  The locations of the equipment also look more logical.  I really wish I had done it earlier.

I am quite happy, except one thing.   There’s an extra FIP slot that I’ve been consciously and subconsciously trying to avoid.




8 thoughts on “356: My Cockpit Got Aligned

  1. Tom,

    Your the FIP guru :)

    You need THREE rows of gauges since most of the gauges in General Aviation aircraft panels are
    3 high X 3 or 4 wide.Then your setup would not be as wide.

    Can you elevate your monitors about 4″ to see over another row? I’ll lend you a hacksaw to cut off the legs if your desk is too high!



    1. Surely do know that 3 rows are better than my current 2-stack setup. It’s just not possible to change to 3-stack for now. One of the reasons is my monitors are at the correct height to my eyes.
      I am seriously thinking about building a better sim cockpit next year. That would completely solve my issue.
      Don’t lend me a hacksaw. Lend me some money or 5 more FIPs. ;)


    1. Sure Tai.
      I am running Windows 10 64-bit Home on ASUS Maximus VI. i7-4770K OC to 4.0GHz, 16GB RAM, Zotac GTX Titan X
      System on Samsung 850 512GB. FSX and P3D on separate SSDs, both are Samsung 850 512GB, too.
      Dell 27-inch Monitor (2560 x 1440) x 3.
      10 FIPs, 2 Radio Panels, 1 Switch Panel, 1 Multi Panel, 1 TPM, 2 Quadrants, 1 Cessna Yoke & Rudders, 1 Trim Wheel, 1 Headset


  2. Looks good Tom, one idea for the Compass FIP is to perhaps put it above the central monitor in the location some GA Aircraft have? would take a bit of DIY, but possible.

    I still have the 12 FIP’s here and thinking of selling some, its all a bit extreme for my purposes really, but working on my own sort of desk based cockpit still, its coming on fine though for both interchangeable GA and Military sims I use.

    Apparently there are some problems with Saitek availability recently and production is transferring to a new factory or something, but apparently in hand? for sure in UK I’ve read its hard to buy some of the Saitek Pro Flight gear and those items are going on Ebay for crazy money, their rudder pedals in particular.


    1. So I heard and found the shortage of Saitek stuff. Anyway, even there’s an empty slot, I don’t think I am going to get another one soon.
      The reason I am having a 2-stack setup because I don’t want the gauges to block the monitor. There were times I was using the spare FIP as wet compass as you said. Now, no more.


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