355: GTX 1080 is Coming

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080 is rumored to be publicly released by the 27th of this GTX1080month.   Some technical websites preview it “twice as fast as a Titan X” but only priced around 60% of its predecessor.   The company even calls the card “Gaming Perfected”.

Surely it’s just another marketing buzz word.  But still, I can’t help looking forward to seeing what new level this next generation card is going to bring to the various flight simulation platforms nowadays, no matter it is FSX, FSX Steam, P3D or X-Plane.   Sadly, it’s not likely that I will replace my Titan X for it, at least not in the coming year.


8 thoughts on “355: GTX 1080 is Coming

  1. Have a Titan X too and a regular GTX 980 in my second PC, have had about a good years use out of the Titan X though, part of me wants to sell one card for a new GTX1080 but of course we’ll get the inevitable GTX 1080 Ti or Titan equivalent by the end of the year and I’ll wish I’d held off. I think Nvidia’s performance claims will be exaggerated , they usually are but we’ll see soon :)


    1. Yes, you are right that we’ll be waiting for the Ti or 1080 Titan. But when we get them, the next 1180 should be coming soon.
      Exaggerated! surely does.


      1. Very true Tom, by the time a Ti or Titan version comes out in Nvidia’s ongoing series you know it wont be that long until the next generation is due out and so it begins again :) I feel for James though for only recently getting a Titan X, but as you say its still the King and even with the new 1080 it still has more on-board video ram for higher resolutions and is still more than fast enough for a good few years yet for most folk.

        One upgrade I may do this year is the forthcoming Intel I7 6950X 10 core CPU, absolutely no need for it on my part, my current I7 5960X 8 core CPU is still perfect for all I do, it would be an enthusiast *want* to do thing rather than a *need* to do thing and a lot would depend on getting a good price for my 5960X CPU first and if the 6950X would drop into my current MSI X99 motherboard , I think it would? would need to do more research first.


      2. Well said Colin. Then 10 core CPU is something worth waiting for. However, you may pay 50% more to get less than 10% performance improvement. Anyway, if you can go for it, why not?


    1. That sucks. :( However, that is how technology works! It’s just a shame the companies aren’t more consumer-friendly.


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