353: C172SP NAV Gauges Update

A couple of months ago, I mentioned there would be updates to the existing C172 Series.   Here it is the first for the Navigation set.
This update is an important one.  It not only includes graphical enhancements but also resolves more than a dozen fixes in programming and rendering.

Existing users should have received an email containing the download link in their mailboxes by now.   If not, feel free contact me directly.

This is the first wave of the C172 gauges updates.   The next will come soon.



4 thoughts on “353: C172SP NAV Gauges Update

  1. Hi Tom

    Firstly a big thank you for your gauges. I am running 12 FIP’s and use your C172 stand alone gauges all the time. However I do have an issue with the ADF not working as I would expect. The needle doesn’t smoothly follow the station as I turn, instead it jumps around rather erratically. I found these 3 updates to the C 172 stand alone gauges but get a “404” error whenever I try to download them. Any help would be appreciated. Also have been looking at the C 152 gauges you have produced. I you could let me know how much they would cost that would be great. Don’t give up with A2A aircraft. Spadnext is an amazing albeit very frustrating at times piece of software, and I can only see it getting better. Being in beta and constantly being developed makes it hard to follow. However I do own the A2A C 182 and with the help of (free) RPM and engine gauges from TynMahn am able to see into the future and it looks good.

    Thanks again for all the effort you put into your/our gauges, much appreciated.



    1. Hi Robert,
      The update is for the Standalone C172 gauges only. Corresponding update for the Integrated series will come next due to its integrated nature.


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