351: FIP Gauges for Piper Cub

I play Piper Cub once in a while only but many friends have been requesting FIP gauges for it.   So here it comes:

PiperCub_SetDo note in the video that the color of the gauges vary a little from gauges to gauges.  It is due to the different brightness of the FIP itself.  Nothing I can do about it even I use another color for it.

Besides, the Oil Temperature gauge is also slightly modified because the Saitek driver doesn’t support non-proportional movement in anticlockwise rotation.

Anyone interested in this default Piper Cub gauge set could click here for details.

What’s next to come after the RealAir Turbine Engine Gauges?

Probably the Robinson R22 or the A2A C172 / C182.   They are all being worked on.





14 thoughts on “351: FIP Gauges for Piper Cub

  1. Hi Tom,

    Couple of observations in the video…

    “the color of the gauges vary a little from gauges to gauges”… When viewed directly are they THAT different on your FIPS’s?

    Also noticed you are changing direction but don’t see the compass heading changing. Were the gauges froze up or are those artwork only gauges?


    1. Hi Jack,
      My FIPs are purchased in three times. I mentioned the differences in brightness in my post before. The oldest were the dimmest but I like it more. The newest are pretty bright. Yours may be better I hope.
      Didn’t notice the freezing of the compass FIP. Will reload a new video.


      1. Yeah I got 8 of the original Saitek FIP’s (serial# starts with “S”) and 2 or the Mad Catz (serial # starts with “M”). The two Mad Catz’s do look slightly brighter, especially the button LED’s. Also notice they take longer to initialize too.

        Like the gauges. Look like they will fit in with other WWI era planes.


    1. Haha. I did have a modified RPM for the A2A. However, I tried many times and couldn’t fix the oil temp and oil pressure so I gave it up. It must be using some LVARs.


  2. Sweet!!
    I’ll look @ purchasing the Cubby gauges when I get to my computer.. I’m not even sure if I have a Cub installed! ;)


  3. Very cool gauges Tom! Hey, I would be very interested in an Airspeed Indicator and maybe a Tachometer (RPM) for the Cessna 152 II. The model I fly is from Carenado. Most people that fly in the real world start their training in a 152 in preparation for their PPL. Not unlike the Piper Cub, they are great for practicing basic maneuvers. Maybe some other could people use that as well. They could pair up with you existing C172 set.


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