350: Duke Gauges Updated

Just created a dual-needles Integrated Oil Gauges for the B60.   Surely not a big deal but it at least eliminates 1 device from the original 14 FIP counts.
RASDuke_OILD_160213C_resize  RASDuke_VSI_160213E_resize
In addition, Aileron, Elevator and Rudder Trim Wheels and Flaps Indicators are also added to the Vertical Speed gauge as planned.

Existing users will receive the download links for these two updates via emails within the next few hours.    If not, feel free to contact me.




5 thoughts on “350: Duke Gauges Updated

      1. Not in my case I am running 5 monitors plus 6 FIP gages . Penal is in reworks at the moment . I use my 3 main screens as windows no VC or keyboard all is set up with main penal and upper penal with switch commands for
        all. I can probably configure flap gage as pop up and drag it to one of monitors where I have big jets penal hidden behind a replica front of 737. my monitors are 3/8 ” slim. If I had FIP flap gage 737 stile it will be placed in big penal.
        Other FIP gages I use for small aircraft . It is a long story so I will end


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