349: Duke B60 Engine Gauges Released

Despite little interest received, I just created the engine set for the RealAir Duke B60, which RASDuke_ENG_Htotals five gauges, including the Manifold Pressure Indicator, Tachometer, Fuel Flow Indicator and two Integrated Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature & CHT Temperature Indicators, so as to complete the aircraft’s cockpit development.

Since I don’t have 14 FIPs either, I just arrange the engine gauges next to the RMI, VOR2 and RDA in the SaiFlightSimX.xml.   So that I can press the PageUp and PageDown buttons on the FIPs to quickly toggle between the gauges.

Similarly, will release the Engine Gauge set for the Duke Turbine version in short future.   Here’s the screen shot for those who are interested.

RASDuke_Turbine01 RASDukeT_ENG_JPG

7 thoughts on “349: Duke B60 Engine Gauges Released

  1. Engine gauges work great Tom,

    Always had a problem taxiing the Duke. Aircraft kept trying to crab sideways. I always thought it was wind but with your engine gauges I realized my 2 throttle levers were applying power differently even though I was holding them even, I re-calibrated them now I can taxi straight.



  2. They look really good Tom. I am going to purchase the entire B60 bundle now that all the gauges are finished for it.

    I have one suggestion for the set of gauges, which is, much like what you did with the C172 standalone gauges: the inclusion of the small trim indicator and the flap settings indicators on the lower right corner of some of the gauges. If they were there, I would never have to look at my VC for anything as I could see everything I could ever need on my panel and FIPS.

    Keep up the good work. I will certainly be talking about this with my Virtual Airline as there are a lot of Duke flyers in our VA.


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