347: Shade for P3D ?

From time to time I receive questions from simmers asking if my ShadeShifter utility is compatible with P3D, while they are requesting for the download link.

The answer is “No” because “Shade for FSX” by Mogwaisoft is written specifically for FSX as its name indicates.   And since my ShadeShifter utility was built upon it, it therefore doesn’t apply to the P3D platform indeed.

However, as my Post 107 mentioned, “Shade for FSX” is basically a utility that modifies the sky texture in FSX to achieve a different look and feel.    And since P3D is in general an upgraded version of FSX, we could therefore copy and paste the “sky textures” modified by “Shade for FSX” into P3D.    That will achieve the same result, although this approach lacks the user-friendly interface the utility originally provides.


Perhaps some of you have been doing it already.   For others who have both FSX and P3D and the “Shade for FSX” utility and don’t know how to do it, here’s the instruction:

  • Make a backup of all the 140 sky texture files under Texture directory of P3D (just in case you want to revert your system back to P3D original sky texture).
  • Load your desired sky effects via “Shade for FSX”.
  • While FSX is running, copy all the 140 sky texture files under Texture directory of FSX, and paste them to overwrite the sky texture files in P3D.


That will do.

As said above, although this approach is not convienent, it does serve the needs of those who want to append the Shade effect into P3D.

Are there any other simplier solutions?

Possibly.   There are FSX-P3D migration tools available on the market.   However, I don’t have any of them.   So I can’t tell if “Shade for FSX” can become “Shade for P3D” under these migration tools.

Surely I can modify my ShadeShifter utility to inject the copied sky texture files into P3D automatically.   It is just not on my priority list.

Lastly, I could create a new utility rendering similar effects in P3D.   I am just not too keen on doing it, unfortunately.



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