346: For B60 Users’ Eyes Only

There are a few inquiries asking if I will do the engine gauges for the RealAir Duke B60, in particular.

“How many simmers would have 14 FIPs to accommodate the full B60 set in their system?” is really a question.   Therefore, the priority of them is very low on my project development list.

Anyway, here’s the artwork of the engine gauges for those who are interested.   They may (most likely, should) come one day.B60_Engine

Edit: If there are no less than 10 people showing interest in getting the engine gauges.  I’ll pull it up in my project plan.



12 thoughts on “346: For B60 Users’ Eyes Only

  1. Hey Tom,

    For me besides the 14 FIP requirement, I don’t have a full width cockpit to accommodate the 5 horizontally placed engines gauges across the top. (I’m really anal retentive about authentic placement) However I do have 10 FIPS’s and I could have 1 dedicated for the 5 engine gauges and switch them. Curious. Is it possible to make 1 FIP cycle the 5 gauges automatically with a specially crafted SaiFlight.xml? If anybody could do it, as they say on the MATRIX, your the one. If so, you can add me to the want list.



    1. Automatically rotating the gauges on a single FIP — what an idea, Jack.
      Nothing is impossible but my capability is very likely far beyond. So, you are not counted. ;)


  2. I for one am explicitly waiting for the manifold pressure, fuel flow and rpm gauges before I would purchase any of the B60 gauges. While i am not familiar of anyone with 14 FIPs, i know of several who have 10, which for the B60 is enough to put the big6, the three principle engine gauges plus a gauge of choice up.


    1. Note #3
      True, Trevor. Place the 4 engine gauges next to 4 main gauges. Then 10 FIPs would be enough, sort of, to toggle between them when needed.
      It just needs some careful order arrangement in the SaiFlightSimX.xml.


      1. I’m at 12 Tom. We need at least one good turbo-prop! I’m in no hurry for it, but a nice twin AND a pressurized single turbo maybe like the Palatis would be nice at some point! Love your work Tom!


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