344: Don’t Go Changing, to Try Reverse Me

As mentioned in my last post, although Jack’s suggestion of reversing the order of the gauges in the SaiFlightSimX.xml list renders a more intuitive and logical user-button reaction, the “solution” still isn’t perfect.   Because the opposite associations of the “Up Button – Down on the List” and “Down Button – Up on the List” or vice versa basically have not changed.

Thanks to Alexey, who is the author of FIP Toolkit & FIP Customizer, I am now able to swap the functions of the Up/Down button “physically”.   Meaning that when I press the “Up Button” on the FIP, it really means “Going Up” the gauge in the SaiFlightSimX.xml list, and when I press the “Down Button“, it really means “Going Down” the list.

Alexey said that the two buttons cannot be reprogrammed because they are not handled by the device’s SDK.   However, we could swap the button masks of these two buttons to achieve the same result.

Followings are the steps.   NOTE that you are highly advised to make a system backup before you proceed. Continue reading