340: My P3Dv3.2 Settings

Since somebody asks and it’s for my own personal record as well, followings are the settings of my Prepar3D settings for version 3.2 system.

Anyone interested to see the details of my Prepar3D.cfg could click on the Realism Image at the bottom.   All changes I made are highlighted in red.   And manually changed items are further bolded.
P3Dv32_01 P3Dv32_02 P3Dv32_03 P3Dv32_04 P3Dv32_05 P3Dv32_06 P3Dv32_07 P3Dv32_08

Addons installed so far include:

  • Orbx FTX Global Base + NA Blue
  • Orbx 1S2, 3w5, KHQM Airports
  • Ground Textures Adopted from REX Essential:
    • Airport Lights
    • Airport Signage, Jetway Marks, Parking Marks, Surface Refraction
    • Runway: Asphalt – Set 02 / HD, Concrete – Set 01 / HD, Marks – Set 03 New
    • Sound – Precipitation: Set 01, Thunder: Set 01
    • Taxiway: Asphalt – Set 02 / HD, Concrete – Set 01 / HD, Marks – Scuffed
    • Wave Animation – Great
  • Sky and Cloud Textures from REX Essential, REX Soft Clouds and REX Direct are injected randomly via self-written utility at start of P3D platform
  • HD moon Texture – 512MB resolution Used
  • Aircrafts installed:
    • Cessna C172 SP + Aircreation 58SL from FSX
    • B58 + T210 from Carenado
    • Duke Turbine from RealAir
  • A2A Accu-Feel
  • FSUIPC 4949


2 thoughts on “340: My P3Dv3.2 Settings

  1. Interesting configuration Tom. Are those in red changes that you manually entered into the config files, or are they as a result of slider changes within the settings panels? If not the latter, can you identify in another colour the manual changes? I have a similar setup, how does this config work for you, FPS?



    1. Good idea Denis. Have just changed the file and manually changed items are in bold red.
      As you can see, I am having 33 framerate and everything as smooth as it can be.


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