339: P3Dv3.2 First Impression

Installed the new Prepar3D version 3.2 last night and played with it for a few hours under the same settings (including third-party addons and peripheral hardware) as in the last version.   P3Dv32_01

Surely it’s impossible to “experience” all the new features that come with the new version in such a short time, but two features that mentioned in the version’s release announcement could be confirmed right away.

  • It does improve the overall performance on my multiple monitor setup, in which I have elevated my fixed framerate from 31 to 34.    Although the extra three-frames don’t seem a lot, I’ve been “barred” at this threshold since I moved to the P3D platform.
  • The texture rendering speed and quality of the new version is so significant that I could immediately feel for it.   Although it is still far from perfect, the overall image quality and sharpness have improved a lot.

Any trade-off ?

No, for the moment.P3Dv32_02

Well, some third-party addons, such as Orbx’s Objectflow as many of you are already aware of, will face the same situation of incompatibility as with the product’s every update in the past, until their matching versions are arrived.

Other than that, I have no complain so far.


8 thoughts on “339: P3Dv3.2 First Impression

  1. Thanks for this Tom, have done the patch upgrade for now, maybe soon I’ll install from scratch as I prefer to do … but all seems well and I note ORBX have released the object flow.dll now as well.


    1. Hi John,
      I normally do a clean install to play safe. Actually, “many” of the addons after uninstalling 3.1 can be used again in 3.2. No need to reinstall. Of course, to reinstall them again is also good to clean up the mess, if any, from previous set up.


  2. Tom,

    one question please. If I look into my system, it shows, that I have Prepar3D v 3.2 (which I downloaded yesterday) installed. When I run the program and look under “Help”, then it shows me version 3.0. Also in my files I cannot find anything from Lockheed Martin which dates 08.March 2016. Do I really have the correct version?

    Kind regards,



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