337: Gauges for the Low and Slow

The Aircreation 582 SL is probably the very first aircraft almost all users start to fly with in FSX.   It once was my favorite too as it is not only simple to operate but also can fly low and slow.

Had thought about doing the FIP gauges for this tricycle ultralight long time ago.   With the Chinese New Year timeframe over the last few weeks in which I enjoyed a bit more free time from taking care of my little grandson (he is one-year-old now), I finally had the gauges done.
Now, I can fly very low and slow again to enjoy the view and scenery in simulator I missed a lot for a long time.  

Many of the aircrafts are interchangeable between FSX and P3D.   In addition to the C172SP, I am running the Ultralight in P3D with the gauges without any problem.

Anyone interested in this Aircreation 582 SL Gauges could click here for details.

Current users of any of my paid gauges are entitled for a special discount from today to March-31.   I am not going to send out any notificatiion.  If you are interested, contact me directly via email.

My next coming FIP gauge project will be the RealAir Duke Turbine/B60, which has been requested by many friends.

Unlike the recent released B58 and A36 Series, individual Duke gauges in the project will be available as soon as they are ready.   Thus, users don’t have to wait a long time for the bundle to come in one lot, especially I myself couldn’t tell when they could all be done.

Note that the first few gauges for the RealAir Duke should come very soon.  Stay tuned.






14 thoughts on “337: Gauges for the Low and Slow

  1. Hi Tom,

    finally I found time to install the UL gauges (into SPAD.neXt). I made a profile for Ant’s drifter and it’s working just great. The Drifter has indeed different (more advanced) instruments from the Aircreation,but the gauges as such work and I will continue to use them.

    Kidn regards, Michael


    1. No, Karsten, it doesn’t come with P3D.
      But you can copy it from FSX. Actually many aircrafts in FSX can be transferred to P3D seamlessly. The C172 SP, my favorite, has been copied from FSX and used on P3D for many years.


    1. Hi Phil,
      Thanks for supporting FSX Times. The gauges have been sent to you by email. It should be in your mailbox now.
      Should you need further help, feel free to contact me.
      Have fun,


  2. Hi Tom,

    that’s a cool idea. I enjoy sightseeing with Ant’s UL Drifter from time to time. Would you think this to fit as well? I think it should.

    Kind regards, Michael


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