335: The B58 Gauges are Ready Now

The long waited B58 Gauges are ready now.

Click me to see the Extended Version

The B58 gauges come in two different versions — one for the default B58 and one for the Carenado B58.

Click me to see the Extended Version

Although the two gauge sets look similar in some ways, there are actually many subtle but notable differences between the two in terms of design and coding implementations.   And the same gauge from the two versions could act differently in many occasions.   It is one of the reasons dragging my original plan behind.

In addition to the standard faceplate, many of the gauges come with an extended layout as well.  B58C_VSI_GIF

For example, the extended version of the Vertical Speed Indicator has added the DME1 and DME2 displays.   And Flaps, Pitch Trim, Aileron Trim and Rudder Trim Indicators can be called up from a modified version of the Engine Gauges, if needed.

Although there are still a few gauges on the B58 cockpit not yet included to the current release, the gauge sets are good enough to add fun to every flight session, true to myself at least.

Current users of my other gauges should have received a notifying email regarding a special discount given to this new B58 gauge set.

All others who are interested in this B58 gauge set could click here for the Default model and here for the Carenado model.

From now to 1-Feb, there will be an Early Bird offer, too.

Do note that since orders are handled manually and our time zones might far from each other, it could take up to 48 hours before download links are sent upon notice received.



4 thoughts on “335: The B58 Gauges are Ready Now

  1. Thanks Tom,
    I broke down and got a Carenado B58 and your gauge set to replace my B58 freeware gauges. First I’m going to reinstall with the newest Saitek drivers and was wondering what your preferred Saitek software step by step install order is. There is now a separate FIP driver AND software now besides the FSX plugin for Pete’s sake. I think I’m going to stick with the Saitek drivers and not get SPAD.neXt.

    I have a Multi, 3 Radios, Switch and BIP besides the 10 FIP’s. I think last time I installed in this order.

    1. Connect the 3 panels to USB.
    2. Install the panel driver
    3. Connect the BIP to USB.
    4 Install the BIP driver and programming software.
    5. Per Saiteks recommendation, install the FIP driver first. Then connect the FIP’s 1 at a time to USB (Windows 7 x64 wanted a computer restart after each FIP connection.)
    6. Finally, install the FSX Plugin.

    Would you do anything different?

    THANKS. Jack


      1. Up and running!

        The newer FIP driver 7_0_47_1_x64 waited while I connected all the FIP gauges this time. Last driver kept wanting a reboot after each FIP connection. Not quite sure why there is a separate FIP driver and FIP software now though. When I installed the software no errors, but it acted like I installed the driver again.

        Your Carenado B58 gauges look great! I might get a few of the Default B58 gauges as well. I noticed most of them worked OK with either plane however the EGT was off if used with the default B58 besides the obvious cosmetic differences as you mentioned above.



      2. Hi Jack,
        so glad to hear that. Yes, besides the EGT, there are a few more differences between the two. I don’t rememeber exactly which. Dividing the two gauges are confusing enough.
        Let me know if you are interested to get the Baron set as well. You will get a discount of course.


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