332: A36 Bonanza Gauges Now Ready

The Installer Program for the Carenado A36 Gauge Series is completed.   Those who took the pre-sale offer should have received the download link in their mailboxes already.A36_ASI_ANIMATION

In this official release, an extra standalone gauge plate for the Turn Coordinator is included.   Local and Zulu Time Clocks are added to the AirSpeed Indicator.  The True Airspeed Digital Display shown in the last preview has been moved to a position overlaying A36_HSI_160110E_resizethe TAS button.

Besides the Flight Director features on the Attitude Indicator (see my Post 327), a Wind Direction Indicator on the HSI gauge and Centering Indicators for the Aileron and Pitch Trim Wheels on the ADF gauge are also added for easy adjustments.

All these last minute touches tend to render a clean, non-obtrusive looking throughout the design, while being able to provide additional information if so required.

Since some of these A36 gauges in general are pretty similar to the B58 gauges to be released shortly as mentioned in earlier Post 327, users of these A36 gauges therefore will enjoy either a huge discount or a completely free upgrade to the B58 counterparts, depending on the complexity of the gauge design itself.

Following is the final layout of the gauges and possible correlated combinations.
Anyone interested in this A36 Gauge Series could click here for more information. Since orders are handled manually, it could take up to 48 hours before download links are sent to users upon notice received.

7 thoughts on “332: A36 Bonanza Gauges Now Ready

  1. Personally I do not fly small planes but I see this gauges as a pretty damn good work you have done, Tom.
    I think a lot of people will find it very useful.

    Cheers, Wizzardos


  2. Hi Tom,
    After installation, what’s the prefered method for choosing between the A36 gauges and the C172 gauges, when going back and forth? Will the C172 gauges remain the default, and then you just scroll through the guage choices on each individual guage using the FIP up/down arrows to bring up the A36 gauges?
    Regards, Steve


  3. Hi Tom,

    I have a concern with the concept of an installer. I have all my C172 gauges installed and live. If I install the A36 gauges, it will replace my current files. Is it possible to buy gauges without the installer or not be forced to use the installer?


    Brian Goldsmith



    1. Hi Brian,

      After you unzip the package, you will see all the xmls and bmps (under 1024 folder) in the package. You can manually install them without using the installer.
      As you know from the C172 installer, the installation program will backup your current SaiFlightSimX.xml first. So your C172 gauges set won’t be touched. It is just renamed.

      Actually, I have written a utility that can automatically switch gauges among different aircrafts. Which means that when you switch to C172, the C172 gauges is assigned to the FIPs. When switching to A36, the A36 gauges are then used.
      In addition, users can fully-customize any gauges for any aircrafts.

      The utility is there and it is very simple and easy to use, but still require some user-preparation works. I just need some time to write up an instruction.

      Since you ask, I am planning to give it to all users who purchased any full set of my C172 gauges or the A36 or B58 set for free. Not finally decide it yet but you are certainly entitled to get a copy of it.



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