328: A36 Bonanza Gauges Ready to Release

I was planning to have the Baron B58 Gauges to release first.   However, due to some unexpected issues, it has been delayed (shouldn’t be long) and gives way to its sibling A36 Bonanza.


In general, the gauges on the Carenado A36 (also come with Prepar3D by default) are pretty similar to those on the B58, except that the number of the engine gauges is half of those on the B58.

Due to the same reason, the vertically lined up layout of its engine gauges are difficult to fit nicely on the Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) if they were to separate from the other gauges.  Therefore, the new A36 Gauge Set is taking a mixed format combining both integrated and standalone designs.

The set now takes up eight FIPs.  As planned, there should be two more integrated gauges to add to the series in the future.

While I am working on the gauge installer now, there is a Pre-Sale Discount offer until the Installer is completed.   Moreover, the gauges will temporarily NOT be sold individually.

Existing C172 Gauges users will get an email notifying for an extra discount, as an appreciation for their supports to FSX Times.

DO NOTE again that the download link of the gauges WILL ONLY BE SENT after the installer is ready, which I am expecting 15th of the month the latest.




2 thoughts on “328: A36 Bonanza Gauges Ready to Release

  1. They look beautiful Tom, congrats! I know you’ve worked very hard on them.. Can’t wait to see them at work in MY sim ;-).


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