325: GPS Navigation Fix for VOR1

Trevor Bagnell in Canada recently reported that when NAV1 radio is controlled by the GPS signal under a filed flight plan, the Standalone C172 VOR1 gauge (Integrated as well) doesn’t respond accordingly.

With no flight plan, he said, the localizer needle on the VOR1 of course remains centered when the NAV/GPS Switch is toggled to GPS.

But when a flight plan is active, the NAV1 radio will be controlled by the GPS signal.  The localizer needle on the VOR1 should deflect accordingly.

The virtual panel gauge localizer needle reacts to being off the centreline of the flight plan.  The FIP gauge does not, he added.

Trevor submitted a video explaining the case as follows:

“The airport that i was using in the video was Halifax International Airport CYHZ, located about 35 km outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia where I live.  I was tuned to the ILS 23 radio of 109.10.  I had a flight plan in the simulator of CYHZ to CYAW, just a short hop away.   However the issue is not directly related to any airport nor to any particular aircraft.  I can recreate the issue anywhere in the world that I have so far flown, and in all aircraft that I have flown, which is primarily all small GA aircraft (FSX C172, Carenado C182Q, RealAir Beech 60 V2 piston),” said Trevor.

Thanks to Trevor who reported the case.   The issue has been fixed and Trevor confirmed that everything is working perfectly now.   He said he had tried the revised gauge with multiple aircrafts and all are working exactly as expected.

Current users of the Standalone and Integrated VOR1 Gauges should have received the fix via email by the release of this post.   If not, contact me directly or via the Comment Section below.





8 thoughts on “325: GPS Navigation Fix for VOR1

  1. I am new to blogging and was wondering if you would help me with correctly viewing the gps needle on my obs 1 receiver. It displays correctly in the fax gam but not on the VOR obs gauge on my FIP. Any thoughts?


      1. Yes. I’m using the one that came with the FIP panels. Should I buy yours? I wasn’t sure if they would make a difference. I really like your gauges. The CDI works on the game screen but not properly on my F IP. If I switch to a HSI gauge that I downloaded from somewhere else it does work. However I prefer to use the normal VOR gauge like the Cessna 172 has.


  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for all the recent updates: very nice work.

    For this post 325 on you site, YouTube requests : “Please sign in to view this video”

    It seems the 2 videos are declared as “private videos”

    Best regards & have nice End of The Year holidays.




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