322: Wind Indicator on C172 Heading Gyro

Different to the Integrated version, the design of my Standalone C172 Heading Gyro doesn’t come with anyC172_HDG_Wind_Taxi indication of wind direction so as to render a more realistic appearance.

Many users, however, have been requesting to include such a feature because it is a useful reference while taxiing on the ground so that proper aileron and elevator actions could be conducted against strong headwinds, crosswinds or tailwinds as in the real life situation.

C172_HDG_WindIn response to the requests, a wind indication pointer similar to the one used on the Integrated Heading Gyro has been added to the gauge as a selectable feature.

Users of the Standalone Heading Gyro should have received instructions on how to install the wind direction pointer via email by now.

Other planned features to be added to the Standalone Gauges in 2016 will be the Announciator Panel, NAV/GPS Indicator and Clock.   One at a time.




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