C172 Gauges Updates Delivered

Download links for my C172 gauges updates have all been sent by emails.   Any users who don’t receive my mails should contact me directly or notify me via the Comment Section below.


10 thoughts on “C172 Gauges Updates Delivered

  1. i would love to get the updated cessna gauges for my saitek fip im dying to get back into flying and need my sim running good please help thank you i have had zero luch getting the three cessna instruments from saitek. thank you


  2. Hay Tom

    I don’t receive your e-mails of C172 Gauges Updates or if I did I lost them any chance you can resend them to me.

    Also, I am using a new email address. I still have the old one but would like to update you to my new one if that would be OK.




  3. Hi Tom,
    Rec’d updates. Thx. Traveling till mid Jan 2016. Will install upon return.

    Gulam Harji, P. Eng, MBA,
    General Manager,
    Hood Packaging Corporation,
    Industrial Plastics Group


      1. Hi Hiro,
        The updates are sent to you again. Please check your mailbox. It should be there. If not, check you junk mailbox if it is screened by your mail program.
        Have fun,


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