319: B58 and A36 FIP Gauges Preview

B58 ENGLately, half of my minimal flightsim time were spent on creating new FIP gauges for Baron B58 (both default & Carenado versions) and Bonanza A36 simultaneously as they share many similarities.

Different from the last C172 gauges which categorizes into Standalone and Integrated versions, and charges separately, the new B58 and A36 gauges to come will include both Standalone and Integrated or Extended gauge face-plates altogether in a single package, when applicable.

This includes customization for both default and Carenado aircrafts, making some of the gauges consisting of up to four different versions.

In addition, the installer for the new gauges will be compatible to Windows 10 and the new Saitek drivers file structure as well.

Followings are a few more preview screenshots of the gauges already completed or about to complete.   Not yet decide if I should put these completed gauges out first or wait until all gauges are finished, which may take another three to six months according to my time available these days.

Baron B58 ALT – RMI – VSI (Default, Carenado, Extended)
Bonanza A36 ALT – VSI – ADF (Standalone – Integrated)

Lastly, due to a number of reasons, all my previous free gauges for FIP will no longer be given away any more.




8 thoughts on “319: B58 and A36 FIP Gauges Preview

    1. Not sure Ray. I don’t have A2A aircraft. If they use non-Saitek standard codings, probably not. Look forward to the SpadNeXt which may solve the issue in the future.


  1. Hello Tom,

    Hope this email finds you well, happy and healthy. Myself have been feeling poorly for past month and a half. Has affected me that much that I’m currently unable to work at all. Even the slightest bit of physical activity, exhausts me to no end.Hope to see another specialist this week. It’s all very frustrating as I am hardly to do anything.

    Anyways my compliments on yet another set of fantastic gauges. Haven’t been able to do any flightsim activities either due to my illness which is real shame. Did many to get my old gamePC, which now testmachine before moving stuff to main gamePC, migrated to W10 after some major fiddling. Turned out you are unable to do this if you have an antivirus product installed and active on your machine. Thank you Microsoft for wasting my time. After migration I lost both my wifi and LAN. Could get it going before uninstall my Commodo and Search & Destroy software. Now I understand why everyone is saying install that W10 on clean machine from scratch.

    Good news is, our trip to South Africa is all booked again for next year Feb./March. We are both really looking forward to the trip as we haven’f been able to go on a holiday this year at all.

    Keep up the good work.

    Regards, Hans / VH-HANS

    > Op 03 Nov 2015 om 05:49 heeft FSX TIMES het volgende geschreven: > > >


    1. Sorry to hear about your illness. Wish it go soon.
      Even though upgrading to Windows 10 a bit troublesome, the OS is the best and out performs Windows 7 a lot. I used to love OSX but the new one, sorry, I don’t like it.
      Glad to hear that your S Africa is booked. I am going on a trip to Korea later this month with my family. City-life and not wild-life … well … will visit the zoo. ;)
      Take care and get well soon.


  2. Salut tom très bien c’est FIP je le achète des qu’ils sont fini bien cordialement Alain
    Hello tom very well it is FIP I buy him(it) that they are very cordially finished Alain


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