News: New FIP Driver and New Simulator

Noted by Jack Pickett, Saitek has released a newer driver 7_0_42_12 for the FIPs.   It updates all “DirectOutput.*” files under “C:\Program Files\Saitek\DirectOutput” directory.   As usual, you won’t get any idea from the company regarding what’s been fixed and changed in the new driver.   Anyway, it works without a problem.

In addition, Paul Racines sent the link of a coming simulator by NGIS (Next Generation Interactive Software).   Watched the video at the bottom of the page.  Very impressive.  Not sure what it will bring to general flightsimmers yet.

Thanks Jack and Paul.


4 thoughts on “News: New FIP Driver and New Simulator

  1. Hi Tom – where are you guys downloading the FIP drivers from ? As far as I can see, the Saitek Downloads page only shows me the Proflight Plugin.


    1. Hi Dick,
      The Saitek Download page is pretty confusing, isn’t it?
      To use the FIP, you need two drivers:
      1) Download the FIP driver from the “Choose Your Product Range” section — (e.g. Pro_Flight_Instrument_Panel_7_0_47_1_x64_Drivers)
      2) Download the plugins from the bottom section — (e.g. Pro_Flight_FSX_Plugin_7_0_50_1_x64_Software)
      Both are required for the FIP to work.


      1. It certainly is ! I clicked on the “Choose Your Product Range” and selected Pro Flight but missed the instruction to Select Product. May thanks – for this and all your good work !


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