301: Mouse Not Responding after Hot Unplugged

So far, the only problem I have with Windows 10 is: the mouse will stop responding to mouse clicks if any of the Saitek game controllers (yoke, rudder pedals, trim wheel, etc) is hot unplugged from the computer after use.

There are many similar reports on the Internet, and it is generally agreed that the issue is caused by the Saitek driver.   So far, no solution has been found.

The quickest way to put the mouse back to normal is to press the Reset button on the computer.   The soft reset switch via Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn’t work.

Some friends, like Philip M, suggest to open the Devices and Printers in Control Panel and right-click to “Remove” the Saitek devices in question prior to unplugging them.  That’s another easiest cure of the problem as well.


6 thoughts on “301: Mouse Not Responding after Hot Unplugged

  1. I’ve found the easiest way around this is to open the Devices and Printers area of the Windows Control Panel and right-click on the Saitek device and “Remove Device” prior to unplugging it. This cured the problem for me.


  2. i was part of the win10 insider testing and I can tell you that the beta builds for months prior to the RTM build allowed hot unplugging and all saitek controls like the trim wheel worked perfectly

    Then the rtm was pushed out and that’s when it went AWOL for me. I still can’t use my trim wheel with any driver MS or saitek



    1. Are you using Saitek’s new Plugin driver? That could be a probably.
      Try uninstall it and put back the old driver for Trim. You may have to reinstall the old drivers for the other instrument as well.
      Hope it works.


  3. I think that it is also the fact that W10 now provides a driver for USB as before some of the MB manufacturers providedtheir own drivers (ASUS is one of them withthe X99 chipset)


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