295: Windows 10 is Here

Sort of having a break in the last two weeks without touching anything related to the flight simulation.   Windows10Besides it’s summer, I just wanna to wait for the new Windows 10 and reinstall everything from scratch after it.

But oh my dear, it took me two days to do the upgrade due to various hardware issues I had no idea what they’re all about.   After numerous attempts, the upgrade was eventually successful, but onto a new SSD as my last resort yesterday.    Phew.

I tried FSX on the Windows 10 Technical Preview under VMWare virtual environment and it performed nicely.    No doubt there will be a lot of follow-up adjustments over the next few weeks before the new Windows and both the FSX and P3D become stabilized.

Welcome to share your experience with FSX or P3D under Windows 10 in the Comment section.



8 thoughts on “295: Windows 10 is Here

  1. Just another Win10 observation here, not had this happen to me yet, but it seems any future re-activation of Win 10 can have some serious issues, say for example you buy a new motherboard after a failure or its just flakey on a new platform and you want to try a better brand or model (I’ve recently had to this for X99) and more worryingly just flash your motherboard BIOS with same Win10 install, it is then seen as a new Computer and wont activate another Win10 install, there are dozens upon dozens of instances about this potential issue all over the net already and with lots of conflicting answers from MS phone support on the issue, guys are left on hold for hours while they consult superiors and more and eventual MS confused conflicting answers were given … this problem exists right down to flash your motherboard BIOS and its a new PC according to MS now … this is a terrible state of affairs from Microsoft and is certainly not how it used to be with them for previous OS’s.

    In the past and with more realistic relaxed new hardware rules, I’ve been able to re-activate Windows 7 OS’s even after major surgery with different brand mother boards, I constantly upgrade to new graphic cards every year, newer faster SSD’s ETC and its never been a problem using my old OS serials after a format … now and if true, MS have made some very foolish ill thought out new activation decisions IMHO, no way should a BIOS flash render your old serial wrong and blocked, but that’s what I’m seeing and from some very well respected PC enthusiasts and managers over at OcUK too as well.

    The other major issue is the ongoing privacy one, whilst I’m happy to use Win10 on my lappy and other 2 desktops for every day use and with careful up to date privacy issues catered for, I’m not about to format and take the Win10 free offer for my main performance 5960X machine Win 7 PC for FSX, this machine gets upgraded a lot.


    1. Hi Colin,
      You are absolutely right about Windows 10. I pretty much like it’s UI and smoothness over Windows 7. But there are privacy settings to be carefully set and some other issues, such as hardware upgrade as you pointed out.
      My approach is backing up my Windows 7 OS using Acronis Image, in case I need to downgrade.
      But it’s really a mixed feeling. And so far I haven’t reinstall FSX nor P3D back to the system yet.


  2. For a FSX enthusiast POV I had to take seriously this new OS would be Wunderbar :) and Holy Grail OS … its supposed to be free but it all depends on how you define free I suppose, its too early to say if this is a perfect OS over 7 or 8 for FSX or P3D IMHO.

    Right here right now I think its nothing more than a highly polished Win 8.1 with lots of early driver issues and if you have sim’s working on that platform, there should be no problems?

    But honest, for my second PC a still very respectable I7 3960X six core on an Asus Rampage Extreme IV 16GB 7980 SC ETC, they have only half hearted motherboard drivers and only yesterday pulled a beta one because it was … maybe unstable? who knows?

    Still no Asus Win 10 Xonar sound card drivers, the Unified 3rd party ones work great and Logitech keyboard drivers crash my test 3960X PC all the time … I suspect they were lazy and just renamed the old 8.1 drivers to win 10 ones, but they worked on my other third PC with a Logitech mouse and G15? I dont know … its far too early to say.

    Suffice to say my 3960X six core machine in Device Manager under 10 still has lots missing that the Asus site cant provide driver wise yet.

    Its too early to say but I’m still sticking with my I7 5960X Win 7 machine (MSI board on this one) with the option to upgrade to 10 within a year if it all pans out fine.

    Its again too early to say if the Win 10 games will run better on 10 or 7 (I don’t have a Win 8 OS PC any-more) when will we see DX12 games?

    Given that most of us enthusiasts will do a fresh install after registering Win 10 to your old OS, we’re going to see lots of placebo faster claims, only time will tell if 10 is a better OS for what we do.

    Sticking with 7 64 for FSX and most flights sims just now, know my way inside out of that OS … on this machine I’ve just bought an Oculus Rift DK2 kit , still to try in FSX I know can be tweaked, only a few days old but WOWWEE I’ve tried War Thunder … I know, an arcade game, but honest to goodness I’ve never felt so much immersion before, you are really in the cockpit and your brain is fooled, even feeling appropriate motion senses sitting static in a chair.

    I guess i just want to keep all options for now with a steady Win 7 install where everything just works, as i understand we’ve got a year to do this (ahem) free upgrade.

    For my two other PC’s and Laptops its been a mix of troubles with no trouble on the lappie surprisingly, but the other two a pain to painless.

    thanks Tom for creating this topic, will be keeping my ear to the ground on this one.

    BTW I never took the opportunity to be a tester for 10, life is too busy to give that honest kind of constant feedback, but I’m happy to give final feedback that matters for us here in Flight Simulation.

    There are a lot of potential privacy issues surrounding Win 10 too, whilst im sure most if not all these can be ironed out its worth considering and an area I’m looking deeply into just now.



    1. Thanks Colin for the detailed feedback. It’s always a mixed feelings when upgrading from one OS to another. I am still configuring mine and haven’t installed neither FSX nor P3D yet. But I really like how it performs so far.


  3. Hi Tom,
    following windows 10 pro upgrade, everything works fine, but alas in window mode only. if you do an alt enter it will work until you pull up a menu, then the screen will blank, alt tab will force it back, but when running with every thing on ultr high it runs smooth, no jitter at all. I think i’m going to stay with Win10 ..cheers for your info.

    Mike G


  4. Upgraded my main machine plus the networked laptop during the last two days. Overall took me a few hours each. I didn’t face any real issues, just a few little hickkups (Kaspersky, PGP Desktop, Network Settings…) which, however, could all be solved after a couple of Google searches.

    Prepar3d 2.5 runs nicely, albeit not better than before (didn’t expect that either). All the Saitek gear worked out of the box, I didn’t even have to look for drivers, they all were found automagically. Just one hint: Don’t forgt to empty the shader cache before installing the new Win 10 ready video driver. Ah, one remark, ESellerate detected I am using new HARDware and asked me to reactivate all FSDreamteam/Flightbeam airports. After 30 “OK” I was done, though.

    This is just after a few circuits. I wouldn’t exclude one or another little hitch to emerge, but so far my experience is positive. As a side note, forget about Edge so far. Maybe, it will be ready for comfortable use within a year.

    Kind regards, Michael


    1. Cool. Unfortunately it was not my case. Anyway, I successfully upgraded it afterall and I did a clean install afterward.
      At the moment, I am reinstalling everything, starting from general utilities. It should take awhile before FSX and P3D are up and running.
      I never like IE.


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