294: C172 Wet Compass

Some friends asked me what would be the next gauges to fill up their “post-11th” FIPs after the C172_CMP_resize10 Standalone plus the one Integrated Fuel Gauges.

Alright, here is the newly done full-size Wet Compass designed to match with the Standalone Gauges, in which the OMI Markers and Signal Sound Indicators are included.

Followings are two videos showing how it works.

Note that the original videos are in HD.   However, after uploaded to YouTube, the quality is limited to 240 maximum.   It is said that the suppression in video quality is intended to allow faster uploading.   Video quality will be reverted to its original after some time.   I hope so.

This Wet Compass is FREE to all who purchased the full Standalone Gauges before this post.   Download link should have been in their mailboxes already.

Users of my earlier Integrated Gauge Series could contact me for a special discount if they are interested in this Wet Compass as well.   Others could click HERE for details.  Download links will be sent within 48 hours after notice received.

What will be the next ?  Come on, give me a break.


10 thoughts on “294: C172 Wet Compass

  1. Hello, Good Morning
    I am interested in the compass of the c172, since it is a very good job, will be that I can send it to my email thank you.


    1. Looks good. Update me how it goes.
      No, nothing in progress. Really taking a break these months. Also, am waiting for the Windows 10 to come, and then reinstall P3D and/or FSX from scratch.


  2. Awesome gauge yet again. I love it, so cool. Another great one. But serious Tom do me af favor, like Dean says take a break. Do not have the time to keep up with you ;)
    Really have to make a serious effort and start building and using all these wonderful gauges.


  3. I like it Tom, thanks.

    That fills me up for the moment, now I am thinking about RealAir Beech Duke B60 Gauges; or anything else you decide to do!

    Go ahead and take the rest of the day off.

    Rick S.


  4. OK, take a break Tom, you deserve it! But we know you will be back soon with some more wonderful goodies for us to spend our $$$ on! :D Great work, my friend, and thanks for the freebie!! Now I need to get me a 12th AND 13th FIP……..


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