News: Cockpit Videos and Photos Submitted

I’ve thought about making a video for the new C172 Standalone Gauges as I did for the earlier Integrated Series.   However, I wasn’t sure how to do it because I don’t have enough FIPs myself.

Luckily, Markus Anderson in Sweden just sent me his videos showing the Standalone Gauges with his newly bought BEH Force Feedback Yoke in his cockpit setup.   Looks pretty good to me.

Click the image to see the video.

Do note that the RPM incoherent issue in Markus’ second video was caused by the A2A aircraft he was using.   The default aircraft and many other third-party addons don’t react in this erratic manner.

It is a known issue due to the A2A aircraft uses its own customized codes, plus the Saitke driver only supports a limited set of the FSX codes.   Hopefully, there will be a solution soon as Ulrich Strauß of SPAD.neXT ( is working on a new driver aiming to address this incompatible issues.

In addition to Markus’ video, Rick Sheehan in the US also sent in his cockpit photos with the Standalone Gauges in his setup.   He also explained how he managed his 23 Saitek devices via 4 powered USB hubs in his configuration.

Thanks to all who gave generous supports to FSX Times.



2 thoughts on “News: Cockpit Videos and Photos Submitted

  1. Hi Tom,

    just a minor remark. You probably refer to the SPAD.neXt drivers re A2A codes. The original SPAD drivers under never ventured to FIPs support. The new SPAD.neXt divers under (both being in no way related) do not yet support FIPs so far either, but development is on the way. I am very glad someone took the open end left by Saitek.

    Kind regards, Michael


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