293: The Wait is Over

Just completed the installer for the C172 Standalone Gauges.   And it has been added some user-friendly interfaces to the choosing of the different color Attitude versions, plus the inclusion and exclusion of the trim and flaps indicators to and from the RPM and ADF gauges.
StandalonePick01   StandalonePick02

In addition, the Integrated Fuel Gauges that better match the simplicity design of the Standalone Gauges has also been done.  Existing users should have found the download link in their mail boxes already.


Any others who are interested could click HERE for details.  Links will be sent within 48 hours after notice received.




4 thoughts on “293: The Wait is Over

  1. Great job Tom. I have installed your complete Standalone pack with a minor change, moving the Trim Indicator from the RPM gauge to the Vertical Speed gauge, and added another gauge to the set.

    It is going to take me several flights to get used to the reduced information and functionality before I make it permanent though. Such a big change in the appearance of my cockpit. I suspect I will make a few more minor tweaks before I get settled. I also love the button functions you have incorporated, perfect. I sure wished there was a way to disable the Up/Down arrow buttons in the bottom of the FIP’s. Everyone I have asked about it has said it is not possible to do. I suspect that has to be somewhere on your “How the h??? does that work” list.

    I guess you made the gauge surround with other than my taste (and that’s fine “not complaining”) but I wonder how hard it would be to have the surround of each gauge be just solid black. On my gauges the surrounds appear to be kind of silver/blackish with a texture. It looks okay but makes the gauges look too bright almost washed out especially in a dark room. If the surrounds were solid black they would appear as though they were mounted in the cockpits dash and not multiple FIP’s. As I type this I see how they would likely look perfect if I had an aluminum looking dash to mount the FIP’s in.

    Just me probably.

    I can’t wait to see what you come out with next!

    Rick S.


    1. Thanks Rick.
      I’ll make one set using solid black background for you. It will take a week or two, however. The earliest I can.
      In addition, thanks for the sending your cockpit photos over. Will post them to the cockpit section later.


  2. Hi I am new to FSX I enjoy the simulation immensely as I was a dispatcher with BA, my question is as I am quite short sited would I be able to place the instruments on a separate monitor for convenience? regards Tom 


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