News: Cockpit Photos Added

Last week, I received some cockpit photos from Dean Carlton in Australia while I was busily changing the diaper for my grandson.  When I finally got a chance to open the email, the photos were not particularly sweet to me since the image quality of them wasn’t really that good (pardon me, Dean).   But what really catched my eyes was the setup and how it was built, which is something I’ve been longing to do for years.

In addition, Dean attached a short story describing how he planned and what he chose for his system.  Plus a little side-info about his life, from the smash of his early dream to become an RAF pilot to what he is and where he is heading now.  I found it interesting as every person is the leading role in his/her own play under of the Almighty director.

Here’s a quick link to Dean’s cockpit photos.   Don’t forget to scroll down if you are interested to read his story.

Send me yours.  People will love to see it, too.


3 thoughts on “News: Cockpit Photos Added

  1. Hey Tom, thanks for publishing my words along with the (poor) pictures!

    We sit still in front of our simulators (or inside them, if we are lucky enough) for long hours on our own, so it is always interesting to understand what brought others to our shared passion/obsession – and to understand the reasoning behind the choices they made along the way.

    Sites like yours are essential to this community of ours, so getting to know a little about the people who hang around FSX Times can only be a good thing, right?!

    As a photographer of 39 years experience who owns a Canon 5D Mk III, I really should have tried harder with those photos though……

    I blame it on the fact that my house was already packed into lots of boxes and that I was rushing to paint / assemble the sim in the last few weeks before emigrating to Oz….


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