News: FSX Steam on Sale

Wanna to try out the Steam Edition of FSX for quite some time after hearing good feedback from friends and on the internet.  However, there were worries about the adding of FSX Steam might somehow mess up my non-Steam system.

The wait is over. FSX Steam

Steam Online store is undergoing Summer Sale until 22nd of this month.  My newly purchased copy of FSX Steam in bundle with Cargo Crew and Dangerous Approaches ($19.99,  66% off from regular) is being installed onto a separate SSD with Windows 10 via VMWare Workstation.

Will FSX Steam have a place among my current simulators?   Time will tell.




8 thoughts on “News: FSX Steam on Sale

  1. I was very worried about installing Steam on my computer. I missed so many years of great games and game play as a result. Installed it last year and have never looked back. I have had no problems with Steam whatsoever. Moved to P3D so I don’t know about Steam Edition of FSX, but the steam platform itself is fine by me.


    1. Yes, Chris. I had similar experience before. It’s frustrating. Installed the FSX Steam onto the virtual machine and found no problem so far. But resources are limited for the same reason of virtual machine. Will backup my drive and try putting it onto my main computer once I have time.


  2. I first installed side by side and tested. Now I have only Steam version on my SSD and believe me or not it is far more robust than FSX the original. I installed all my aircraft, scenery and all add-on without a problem. I now use it regularly for couple of months and I have no crashes any more. I fly for hours w/o any problem.

    DirectX support is perfect so I never see any glitches or black boxes any more. I believe VS 2013 made a huge difference in code handling and RAM use.


  3. Hello Tom,
    Well was not sure myself if FSX–SE would be part of my set. Guess it will stay, as I love it. Especially for testing stuff. If it does not work and things go badly wrong. It is an easy and quick reinstall. Like you I have installed it on a seperate SSD with Windows 10. Initially just to check if it would run on W10. Have the two cables, for the SSD, exiting at the back of my PC. Just connect up the SSD which I want to use. So now got a W7 with FSX ACC boxed. The one for FSX-SE and another for ETS2, F1, Spintires and the likes. Nice and easy and the other games to not cause problems for FSX.


    1. Just installed it and give it a go. Don’t see much difference from the box version. Will further test on it, particular under Windows 10 as you mentioned. Worth a try at least.


      1. Hi, indeed hardly any difference and worthwhile a try, especially if you look out for the steam specials and discounts.
        The directory paths are a bit weird you get used to the quickly. Like FSX boxed I always install it outside program files directory.
        Saves and prevents hazzle with security/access.
        Happy flying.


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