290: Standalone C172 Gauges

My C172 Integrated Gauge Series combine 14 instruments plus many other functions found on the C172 cockpit.   The project was started a year ago since I only had seven FIPs at that time.   And it was not economical (still true) to put some of the simple instruments each onto standalone FIPs.

However, never stop receiving inquires from friends asking for their standalone versions.   So, before moving forward onto twin engines, I will spend some times working on these standalone gauges first.   They include:

  1. Airspeed Indicator
  2. Attitude Indicator
  3. Altimeter
  4. Vertical Speed Indicator
  5. Heading Gyro
  6. Turn Coordinator
  7. VOR1
  8. VOR2
  9. ADF
  10. RPM
  11. Wet Compass

The current fuel gauges will be excluded.   But HSI is most likely a new member.

Additionally, even though each of these instruments will be put onto a single FIP layout and the composition will be a lot simpler, correlated functions will still be added to each design, when necessary.

The project has just been started.   Should any of you have any ideas about what functions to go to which instrument, do send me a note in the Comments section below.  I’ll consider pulling them in when appropriate.





20 thoughts on “290: Standalone C172 Gauges

  1. Hey Tom,
    First of all thanks for the excellent work you are doing! On a new build on Win 7-64 and FSX:SE I want to use your FIP panels instead of the Saitek ones and the question is do I initially have to use the Saitek drivers or are drivers included with your panel download so I don’t have to get involved with the Saitek drivers?


    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for the interest in the coming individual gauges. You still need Saitek’s driver to run my panels. This is done so to avoid incompatibility.


  2. This is brilliant news as a cockpit builder with 12 FIP’s, possible 13 with the gps. Love your gauges as they are but icing on the cake to have them separate. You’re doing a great job for the community. Thank you.



  3. I agree that you make great gauges Tom. Being a bit of a CDO guy myself (OCD in the correct order) I like the single gauge layout. When you go to multiple engines I hope you can show a single gauge, such as RPM (etc), with 2 or more indicators (maybe multiple colored pointers) along a common arc.

    Rick S.


  4. Oh, and one other thing. The HSI would be great as an option, but not as an alternative for the heading gyro. i.e. both should be available. Keep up the great work!!!


  5. Hi Tom, For those with a completely full panel, these instruments should be completely standalone for 2 reasons: (1) it’s totally realistic in a C172 and (2) I have OCD:). If an instrument has other things on it (such as the TC with stop clock and light indicators etc), then the TC has to be off-center and therefore not aligned with the others gauges. Don’t get me wrong, the integrated gauges are absolutely fantastic and perfect for those with a limited panel. The standalones should be at the other end of the spectrum. The middle ground could be that you devote a single FIP display to a complete set of add-on functionality (like the clock, light indicators, flap position, markers etc.) and/or you could integrate the 2 VORs and ADF on 1 gauge so that the primary instruments can all be standalone. So, my vote is for “completely standalone” please:). Hope this helps!

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  6. Hi Tom

    Are you following the developments of the new Spad-Next software. He is about to start the FIP part which should give access to lvars (a2a) and fix the startup order issue.



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