Notice to Existing Gauge Users who Don’t Receive my Update

I am sending out the new Installer package to all existing pay users.  However, some of the emails have been rejected.

Rick (Sheehan) and Steven (Mitchell), you are two of them.  There’s no way to send you my file thru your email address.

Please check your mailbox status if the updates are received.   If not, contact me via the Comment Section of this post below.


8 thoughts on “Notice to Existing Gauge Users who Don’t Receive my Update

  1. I too did not receive your update notification of the upgrade. O was also down for a grew days for a clean re-install pf Windows and it might have been somehow lost.

    Jim Watson


  2. Hi Tom, I have most all of your previous free gauges.  I wonder is there a way to order all of your gauges for one price.  $20.00 each is pretty steep for us very older pilots.  If the price is right for all of them then you might have my attention. Thanks John Fail


  3. A little confused Tom.

    I got this message without any problem. I have looked at flagged emails on Thunderbird and don’t see any attempts from you that were rejected. I have also gone into my webmail settings at my provider and see nothing that appears to have been rejected from your address either?

    FYI, I do see tons of emails attempts on both from other addresses that were rightly blocked.

    Should I be looking for something specific.

    Rick S.


    1. No idea Rick. I received the email from you about not getting my update. But the email I sent this afternoon to you for the update as well as the one replying to your last email were not getting thru. I kept constantly getting “Undelivered” message. Maybe check your anti-spam setting. Or has your mailbox nearly full?
      Do you have other email address so that I can send you the update first?


    2. Hi Rick,
      My mail didn’t go thru your wife’s email address too. Error messages received are as follows:

      This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
      Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently

      Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using Barracuda Reputation

      Note your comment from your email. The provider I am using is one of the largest in Hong Kong. Very possible there are people using it to send spams. Certainly not me. Not sure if above information helpful to your provider since the blocking is from your side.

      Do you have gmail? I think that’s the easiest and quickest solution.



    3. Hi Rick,
      Tried sending you emails via my other accounts. However, they don’t get thru as well.
      Just as said, the quickest solution might be your other emails not using DataCruz.


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