281: Last Two Gauges Preview

Here’s the preview screenshot of the last two C172 gauges, AirSpeed Indicator & Turn Coordinator, which are to complete my Integrated Project to include all C172 gauges on just seven FIPs since the middle of last year.


They are being fine-tuned and should be ready within the next couple of weeks.   One thing noteworthy is that these two new gauges will come with an automatic installer.  My other existing gauges will be scheduled to include the installer as well.

Adding my gauges to FIPs from now on will just be a few mouse-clicks.

Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “281: Last Two Gauges Preview

  1. Hello Tom, Yet again amazingly good looking gauges wth usual quality. Currently clean installing FSX boxed again and will install your gauges hopefully this weekend again.


  2. Excellent job Tom! I hope to get back to simming/training soon. Been on long hiatits. Looks like I might be able to ditch some of my existing 10 guages with the way youv’e combined things. I really look forward to checking them out!
    Best regards, Steve


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