280: Heading Gyro Update #2

My time is still mostly tied up on my grandson lately.   However, I am slowly gaining back some time on flightsimming now.   Just clean installed the latest Prepar3D version 2.5 onto my computer last week.  Similarly, I can put hands onto my unfinished C172 integrated gauge project again.

To render more weather information associated with the Wind Magnitude on the C172_HDCMP_VHeading Gyro gauge, Engine Hours originally on the gauge has been replaced by Visibility as previously mentioned in the note of the gauge’s last update.

The removed Engine Hours will be put onto the coming Airspeed Indicator instead.

Since this update, same as the last one, is supplemental, users are free to keep their existing one or to choose any of the three versions of their choice.  Switching among them is easy too.

Current users should have their download link in the mailbox already.

Again, anyone interested in this Heading Gyro with Compass & RPM Gauge could click HERE for details.   Download will be sent via email within 48 hours after notice received.

The last two C172 integrated gauges left to be done will be ready soon.   This time for sure.


8 thoughts on “280: Heading Gyro Update #2

  1. Good morning Tom,

    good to hear from you again.

    May I ask you one question: I have always been using FSX and have a number of Addons for my German environment. The stability of the system varies and sometimes drives me crazy, when there is another ctd in the middle of a flight. I am only flying small planes IFR and VFR. Now does it make sense with my background, to switch from FSX to Prepare3D? What is your advice?

    Have fun with your grandson.

    Kind regards,



    1. Hi Karsten,
      I know the frustration from FSX. However, if you have many addons for Germany already, I would suggest you to think twice before switching to P3D. Although P3D is less CTD, you are very likely sacrificing a lot funs since P3D isn’t compatible with most of the FSX addons.
      P3D is good for flight training but not as much fun as FSX from my own experience. Actually I am thinking about switching back to FSX because I really miss the many joys I had from FSX missions, etc.
      BTW, what kind of PC you are having? FSX requires a good PC, same to P3D.


      1. Tom,
        Thanks… I have not received the email as of yet. I will give it some time if I have not seen it in a day, I will let you know if that is OK with you?



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