News: Pardon my Slow Response

As mentioned in earlier post that my response to download requests and comments would be slow in these few weeks due to the maintenance of my computer and the Chinese New Year.    Actually, it’s also because of the coming of my first grandson.   He was born two days ago.   Still couldn’t accept the fact that I am a grandpa now even though I am very very happy seeing him joining the family.

In the last few weeks, I didn’t run flightsim nor visited this blog at all.    I believe the situation will continue for another month or two before everything backs to normal again.   So pardon me should you don’t get any of my feedback.

Happy flightsimming!


22 thoughts on “News: Pardon my Slow Response

  1. Hi Tom,

    I’m very ashamed to admit that my FSX was just pausing after the serialfp2 installed the screens correctly in my gps5. It all works fine now.

    I finished installing my triple monitor setup (+gps5) successfully and fixed all the saitek controls and panels to the advanced panel.

    I herewith send you two pictures of my current setup.

    BTW, i am in Hong Kong this week for a fair that’s being held at the Asia World Expo (next to the airport)!

    Best regards and thanks again,



    1. Hi Laurent,
      Glad to hear that you have your problem fixed. Don’t see your pictures in the comment section. If you are interested to post them in the Cockpit section, please resend to me via my email address.
      Welcome to Hong Kong.


  2. Congratulations, Tom!
    I think you’re a great grandpa, letting the newborn fly your flight simulator.
    (I think you’re right that in a month or two he’ll probably move on to “Call of Duty” or “Evolve” and you’ll be back in the pilot seat. Kids are really growing up fast these days!)


  3. Congratulations Tom. I know the feeling. I am a grandfather too, three times over. Of our four children, two are married and gave us two grandsons and a granddaughter. Enjoy!

    Gulam Harji, P. Eng, MBA, General Manager, Hood Packaging Corporation, Industrial Plastics Group


  4. Congratulations Tom, a grandchild is a wonderful event. and don’;t forget as a grandpa you have every right to spoil the child, much to the annoyance of his parents…
    Our granddaughter was 18 last week, so imagine how old that makes us feel.
    Best regards



  5. Congratulations, Tom!
    You will see many more grandchildrens in the future – hi!
    I’m 70 years so You see!! Look forward to have You back on the site, untill
    then take care.



  6. Congratulations Tom. I think you’ve started a new thread for grandpas :-)
    I wonder what flight sim will look like in our grandchildren’s time.


  7. Hi Tom. First of all my congratulations on the new arrival. Yes it is a strange but joyous feeling. I can assure you it is a posative sensation. Apologies because I had forgotten the post about delays and then felt bad about disturbing you after I reread it. Thanks for guages links.

    ps Don’t know why this is bold. !


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